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Green Jay Reflection

A brightly colored Green Jay, drinking from a pool with water droplets mid air, reflection of bird is visible

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Gambel's Quail running


Image of a Male Gambel’s Quail running along ground

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Walrus - Svalbard - Arctic Region

Top 2013 Nature Images including Wildlife Photography

2013, an awe inspiring year for capturing images in places I’d always imagined. A stunning collection of unique landscape, nature and wildlife photographs

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Purple vs. Red

Corrosion: an abstract eye on metal. Derelict, abandoned, rusting artifacts, scrap, detritus. Ferric oxides, iron oxides. Peeling, perishing, crackling paint.

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African White Elephants In The Namibian Desert – Africa

Two African White Elephants – Black and White fine art nature photography – License photography, high resolution photos, editorial, publishing or to print.

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Bison [Bison bison]

Bison at Risk

Photograph of bison grazing below a rainbow and reference to our blog post and a new book about the demise of the buffalo of Yellowstone National Park.

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Artist Profiles

Wudang Shan. China. Kung Fu actors walking up the staircase of an ancient temple.
Edoardo Lucci

Edoardo Lucci photographer…

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Red-tailed Hawk [Buteo jamaicensis]
Red Tails

News of a new blog post about photographing the stages of development of a family of Red-tailed Hawk…

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New Images

Landscape Photography | Epupa Falls | Africa
Landscape Photography – Valley of Thunder

African landscape photography, how I accomplished this long exposure photo of the Epupa falls with m…

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Honey bee eating a pear
Bees and Wasps Dining on Pears

wasps and bees eating pears…

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Interview with travel and documentary photographer Jeremy Horner

interview with british bangkok based travel photographer Jeremy Horner…

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