Vicki Morell

"A Breath of Fresh Air"

Photography has given me a new lease on life! I love to take pictures of almost everything but wildlife photography holds a special place in my heart. To be out in nature and photographing wildlife and the surrounding beauty is like "A Breath of Fresh Air." One of my goals is to bring the joy, intrigue and awe that I feel and see, to you. To bring nature and travel to those who can not go there. With such beauty lies the peace, tranquility and balance that mankind desperately needs. Macro photography is also of great interest and intrigue to me. It shows and gives an incredible beauty to even the most undesirable subjects. I have found a whole new appreciation for nature. I now look at everything in a different way. I try to keep my photography as natural as possible and am attracted to places that are different from the norm such as The Falkland Islands and Antarctica.
I like to lend my photography talent to dog rescue groups, wildlife and environmental groups.
If we don't protect and take care of Mother Nature than no one else will. I try to keep my prices affordable and my work as natural as possible but I also like to see how a picture can be transformed into a work of art.

I have chosen the following picture to feature my work for 2 reasons:

  • because in its natural state it is a beautiful albino peacock.
  • with some artistic changes it has become a interesting, beautiful work of art.

We are here to honour mother nature with respect and kindness.

She has provided us with a wonderful gift and it is not ours to destroy. I hope you enjoy your journey through my world of photography.

Your thoughts and comments are always appreciated.

Vicki Morell
343 e 36th ave Vancouver , BC
Canada v5w1c5
Tel.# 604-322-6744

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