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Unique & Different: Light Painting

The most famos barns in the world Light Painted. In this day and age of digital photography, almost everyone is a photographer. At the very least most everyones photographic sophistication is way up. What was once considered photography unique to those who shot for National Geographic Magazine has now become known as a cliche’. To […]

Willard Clay Photography, Inc.

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Matthew G. Beall Photography

Matthew G.Beall I became a member of Photographer’s Selection because: it promotes a selection of skilled professional photographers and the site itself is one of high quality. gasseUlm 89073Germany Website – Blog Galleries Email Specialities Fine Art Landscape Urban usa galaxy cases for sale

gabriel PHOTO experience

GabrielCoimbra I’m a young photographer based in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. My wish is to show my art photography to the world. I capture a little bit of my universe, like music, landscapes, Brazilian culture, urban trends and all that’s around me to transform in photography. I think that my photographs don’t have an exclusive specialty, […]

Roho Ya Chui

Soul of leopard … For some reason I choose as my company name the Swahili words “Roho Ya Chui”, which means soul of leopard. The moment I did that, I thought I do it because I love leopards, but meanwhile I know there is more to it. It seems that professional photographers are some kind […]

Roho Ya Chui

Ute Sonnenberg I’m designated to photography, passionate about it and driven to share its beauty with others. Postnet Suite 502, Private Bag X1Melrose Arch, Johannesburg 2076South Africa Website – Blog Galleries Email Specialities Animals / Wildlife Fine Art Architecture / Interior