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Blooming Lotus in Morning Light

The rays of the morning sun lit this lotus blossom to perfection. DanBlackburn

Alex Cena On Location

Alex Cena I want to join an initiative promoting the awareness that settling for mediocrity is not sufficient when creating images. Contact PO Box VMilford PAUnited States Website – Blog Galleries Email Specialities Sports Lifestyle Nudes

The tale of the “Africa virus” …

It is almost like a secret code, understood only by people who have been on this magical continent with its incredible nature and strong energy. The continent is called Africa and the secret thing they are talking about is called the “Africa virus”. When people came home from their trip they noticed that they felt […]


Sandra Calderbank “I joined Photographer’s Selection to promote my craft, photography. I am on a constant search for Search Engine Optimization for my website. I see a unique opportunity for marketing, promotion and SEO with Jan Keteleer’s innovative website and service.” Sandra Contact 53 Hamby DriveAsheville 28803United States Website – Blog Galleries Email […]

Shutter Go.. Click Photography

RyanLearoyd Ryan Learoyd is the man behind Shutter Go.. Click and a photographer based from Leeds in the UK. Specialising in travel, nature, commercial, leisure, music, performance, film production and stock photography, he is available for assignments throughout the UK with a focus within the Yorkshire area. For more of his work and the stories […]

Emir Shabashvili

Miami Street Photographer Russian born artist Emir Shabashvili is based in the United States. His hometown is Miami, Florida. He is self-taught photographer with primary interest in Street and Cityscape genres. Emir is distributing his work in the form of books and prints; selected images are available for Editorial use. “…Born in 1957 in Soviet […]


CameronKarsten Contact:

Emir Shabashvili

EmirShabashvili Russian born artist Emir Shabashvili is based in the United States. His hometown is Miami, Florida. He is self-taught photographer with primary interest in Street and Cityscape genres. Emir is distributing his work in the form of books and prints; selected images are available for editorial use. “…Born in 1957 in Soviet Russia, I […]

Sue Barr Photo

SueBarr If your sick you go to a doctor and he does tests, writes prescriptions and offers you a treatment for your ailments based on his expertise and education…. Would you go to someone without a medical education if you were sick? Now I know getting a great image for a campaign isn’t a life […]

Trond Are Berge Photography

Trond Are Berge My never ending goal is to develope as a photographer by using the elements of nature in my works. “Photographers selection” seems to be a very well planned site where I am allowed to bring photos and articles. Contact Aasaringen 116Hovin 7236Norway Website – Blog Galleries Email Specialities Nature […]

Cameron Karsten Photography

CameronKarsten To share my love of the natural world and its people in motion. Contact 5887 Rose Loop NEBainbridge Island 98110United States Website – Blog Galleries Email Specialities Travel People Advertising elephant paintings for sale elephants art for sale elephants paintings for sale evening art for sale evening paintings for sale

Saving the Hearth of the Earth( Arahuaco ethnic group Colombia )

“The heart of the Earth” was dying until its traditional inhabitants started to save it. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, the highest coastal mountain rage in the world, has been humanly and environmentally threatened for decades by coca growers, guerrillas, paramilitary groups and government infrastructure projects. With a bold and risky plan the […]

American River Photography

TerryArmstrong Contact 7129 Beach View DriveLotus 95651United States Website – Blog Galleries Email Specialities Nature Portraits Travel

Laurent Thareau Photography

DREAMSAILS Professional photographer, Laurent Thareau, applies his numerous talents to notably photographing the contemporary art world, working for a variety of museums, art galleries and major contemporary artists. However, after crossing the Atlantic on a sailing yacht and being completely overhelmed by this extraodinary adventure, he discovers a deep passion for the world of sailing, […]

Wayuus, the Impossible Matriarchy

The desert, a permeable border, smuggling, tradition and modernity shape the life of the Wayuus, the largest ethnic group in Colombia. For centuries they have been developing their own laws and costumes in a 15.300 km2 area between Colombia and Venezuela, countries that have become enemies recently. International politics do not affect “the sons of […]

Automate your Social Media Marketing Efforts

So you’ve got all of your social media networking accounts set up, now what? Once the social media account creation tasks are complete, the next stage involves growth, building and interaction. To give you some assistance in determining what tools and strategies you could be implementing to build your customer base, your social media growth […]

Chris Christidis

“I shoot to be seen. I want my pictures to be seen by as much more people as possible and any chance for promoting my photographic work is welcome” Chris has a passion for portraiture, assignments and reportage documentary images from different countries. He’s a professional photographer since 1996 originally from Athens Greece. Has worked […]

Craig Stephen PHotography

CraigStephen Hello, I’m Craig and I’ve been making photos for money for around twenty years. I’ve worked in studios and newspapers but have recently returned to my first passion, wedding photography. I’m so excited to be shooting more medium format film and hope to share that passion with you!   Contact 17 Hospital StreetPerth PH2 […]

From 18 to 2000 unique visitors per week?

Here’s proof that it can be done. If every visitor who found your website through a search engine like Google bought a picture, then you would not need a lot of visitors. Unfortunately, this is not often reality. You need many visitors who then also make multiple visits. But how many? This is a difficult […]

Rafa Salafranca Freelance Documentary Photojournalist

Rafa Salafranca is a freelance photojournalist based in Spain with large experience in the Colombian conflict and daily and political life in several Latin American countries. Portraits, culture, travel, adventure and human interest around the globe are his main areas at the moment. Available for assignments in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. (+34)626102051

Rafa Slafranca

Rafael Salafranca Maldonado 26Madrid 28006Spain Website – Blog Galleries Email Specialities Photojournalism Action

Alex Ratson

Extreme conditions, extreme living, extremely beautiful. All this calls for an extreme photographer, which you’ll find in Alex Ratson. Alex is an Editorial/Commercial Photographer and Cinematographer, based out of both Squamish and Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Squamish211-2323 Mamquam Road V8B0H9Canada Website – Blog Email Specialities Adventure Corporate Photojournalism