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Regrowth after a Burn

A properly done control burn is hot enough to remove all of the old vegetation, but cool enough to avoid damage to the growing center of the plant. Immediately after the burn, new growth appears. The tender young shoots have immediate access to the sunlight without having to fight their way through last year’s vegetation. […]

Tim Franco

Tim Franco is French-Polish freelance photographer based in Shanghai. Since he first came to China in 2005, Tim Franco got fascinated by the fast social and urban transformation that chinese cities where going through. He has spent some time documenting those growth through urban photography but also by studying social changes, such at the underground […]

Kevin Vandivier

About Kevin If “ all the world’s a stage for an actor”, then all the world’s a studio for KEVIN VANDIVIER! Whether he’s chasing Hurricane Gilbert down in Mexico that generated a coveted LIFE cover and full two-page foldout in the magazine… or perched at the edge of a rumbling volcano on Mt. Kilahaua, Hawaii…whether […]


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Putting Fire Back into Nature

Control burning brings back a normal part of the natural rhythm in the SE United States. TrudieBell Blog About this picture Contact

Ordi Calder

Ordilei Caldeira I liked this idea of selecting the “best” of PhotoShelter. I had the honor of being invited to this selection so special and I want to contribute to the group. Contact Turmalina # 75 House #2 Cabo Frio 28915385 Brazil Website – Blog Social Email Specialities Fine Art Landscape People

Canon CPN-news about SEO

Canon CPN-news From an article I just read on Canons “CPN – news”and tought it might be of interest The link below will send you to the full article and not to my website but here a excerpt: “The first thing I did was build up my website and made sure it had a very […]

Oote Boe

OOTE BOE has a rich background in photography and lighting. He has deep and broad experience in location and studio photography. In the course of his career, Boe has developed a sharp eye for colors, shapes and the stories contained in still images. He has traveled extensively through America, Asia, and Europe, and has worked […]

Via Lucis Photography

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ArcEye Images

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Jim Rodin Photography

Jim Rodin I’m honored and greatful to be ask by Jan Keteleer to share my photographs and for this opportunity to introduce myself as a professional photographer and to be a part of this fascinating world of photography. Contact 10730 Broxden Junction Ave Las Vegas 89166 United States Website – Blog Galleries Email […]


ArielCampos Networking and building teams is essential for professional photography. Professional photographers understand that it is necessary to team up in order to create astounding images, amateurs believe it is only about clicking. Contact 5 de mayo # 27 Tequisquiapan 76750 Mexico Website – Blog Galleries Email Specialities Landscape Architecture / Interior […]

David Burge Photography

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Kaye McCrea DeBona

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Travel Photography

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Flood From Faye in the Panhandle

When tropical storm Faye came through the Panhandle, between 15 and 20 inches of rain was dropped on the Panhandle. The swamps, lakes and rivers filled and overflowed. The road in the picture runs through the floodplain of Lake Lafayette. They are called floodplains for a reason. TrudieBell Buy this image Contact

Bente Haarstad

Hi, I have been a freelance journalist and photgrapher for twenty years. It is photography I like the most and want to develope further. Especially I like the nature, and the people living there, but I also go to cities of course. I am based in Norway. Contact Stormyrasen Selbu 7580 Norway Website Blog […]

Paul Latimer Photography

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Franck Simonnet – Aerial Photography

Presentation Aerial photography offers a vantage point-of-view on landscape. I have a special interest in patterns generate by human activities, and their spatial organization in relation to nature. My flying machine is a powered paraglider. Packed in two suitcases, it’s easily transported around the world. Aerial photography in remote areas as well as crowded cities […]

Baby Diamondback Rattlesnake Sunning

As I was leaving a site, I came across this beautiful little snake sunning himself on the white sand road. He didn’t seem to mind me taking photos. Most rattlesnakes have calm dispositions and will go out of their way to avoid you when you are in the woods. They are also really excellent at […]

FXEGS Photography

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Day Dreaming

The Beauties of Istanbul City. Where every corner and every street has a place in History. OytunOzudogru License this image Contact

White Topped Pitcher Plant

Pitcher plants specialize in growing in soils that are nutrient poor. To make a living, they trap insects in the water that collects in the pitchers and absorb the nutrients that are released as the dead insects decompose. The white topped pitcher plants are an elegant death trap. TrudieBell License this image Contact […]

Zienna Lost and Forgotten

The sand on the beaches of the Florida Panhandle is known as sugar sand, because it is so fine and white. When land is cleared near the coast for development, an expanse of blazing white is created that reminds me of a fresh snowfall, except that usually it is blazing hot as well as blinding […]