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Red Umbrella

The boardwalk over the dunes leads to Grayton Beach, which is one of the beautiful white sand beaches in the panhandle of Florida. I snapped this photo on a whim as a friend and I were about to go for a walk on the beach. The image seems to catch all the pleasant anticipation of […]


Nancy Russell I decided to become a member to see if I can get greater exposure for my images. Contact P.O. Box 1663 Bonners Ferry 83805 United States Website – Blog Email Specialities Nature Fine Art Stock

Vittore Buzzi

I’m a photographer. I want to share my work with other photographers. Contact Fabio Filzi 14 Milano 20124 Italy Website Galleries Email Specialities Editorial Wedding Architecture / Interior

Pointes and Tutus #4

Dancing, young, beautiful, semi-nude Caucasian Ballerina dressed in pointes and tutu only. MarkeMeyer Website License this image—points-and-tutus.php Contact

Brighton Dog Photography

Rhian White I specialise in outdoor dog photography, taking pictures of dogs on their walks and where they are having the most fun. I am based in Brighton in the UK, which is a great place for dog photography, with so many interesting locations that dogs can enjoy. Doing dog photography combines all my favourite […]

From the street

I like documentary photography because it doesn`t lie, because it shows real live, and some times we need a little of that in such a touristic places. I love Barcelona because the diversity and the contrast. This job is not finish, it will never be as long as I live in Barcelona. kikedel Olmo Website […]

Roll the die in black and white

Image of a hand rolling a pair of die. It appears as four die because the two die were captured twice in one roll with the help of multiple flashes. Anya Brewley  Schultheiss Website License this image Contact

Seeing the World

Art is a way of seeing the world. It challenges perceptions, evokes emotions and stimulates thought. All great art changes the way we see the world around us, or perhaps creates a new world all of its own. That’s what sets art apart from crafts, which are solely concerned with craftsmanship and aesthetics. (David Cohen […]


To increase visibility of my work Contact via Napione 32 Turin 10124 Italy Website Galleries Email Specialities Architecture / Interior Portraits Fine Art

Living Wilderness

Kevin Ebi I’m a professional nature photographer with more than a decade of experience. My library includes extensive coverage of North America, New Zealand and Iceland and I enjoy sharing my work with the world. Contact Box 22 MIlton 98034 United States Website Blog Email Specialities Nature Animals / Wildlife Landscape

Eastern Diamondback Rattler in Repose

The coloration of the Eastern Diamondback Rattler, Crotalus adamanteus, allows it to blend into its habitat. I was measuring the tree about a yard from this fellow, when my friend pointed out to me that looking where I placed my feet would be good. Trudie Bell Website License this image Contact

Kike del Olmo

When somebody works to create a photo project, is working for all the people that believe photography is something important. It’s the way we have to communicate with the rest of the world, so I thank you for photographer’s selection.. Contact Sant Pere mes Baix, 56 08003 Spain Website – Blog Galleries Email […]

Storm Companions

A severe winter storm drove the herons, wood storks and egrets into the Florida panhandle. They are hanging out together waiting for better weather. It is uncommon to see the wood storks rubbing wings with the herons and egrets, since the herons and egrets are sight hunters and the storks hunt by feel. TrudieBell Website […]

Bird on a fence

Image of a local bird sitting on an old blue chain fence This beautiful little bird just sat and posed for me. I just had enough time to grab my camera and take 2 quick snaps before he flew off. I love the little expression on his face, as if he was trying to figure […]

My Goodness

I am impressed!  I checked my analytics and saw the following On 27-3-2012 15:40, Trudie D. Bell Wrote: “I have had a website through Photoshelter for several years. I took the time to figure out how to do all the things that Photoshelter recommended to increase web visibility, including signing up for Google Analytics. I […]

Sigtor Kildal

Born Norwegian, raised in Spain, educated in Sweden, and now based in Uppsala, Sweden (again), thus influencing all that I do with experiences and colors from different cultures, different ideas and the beautiful women from around the world. All my life I’ve been inspired by the images in movies, art and magazines. This passion has […]

Inge Johnsson Photography

Inge Johnsson The Internet, while evolved now into the primary place for people to interact socially, exchange ideas and information, do business, and share art & entertainment, has also become a very confusing and chaotic environment to find a consistent collection of great photography and art. Photographer’s Selection attempts to accomplish exactly this, to bring […]

Galaxy of golden raindrops

Photograph of golden raindrops on a windshield. Appears as a galaxy of golden stars. Some times the most simple things can turn into the most beautiful photo if you take the right perspective. Anya Brewley  Schultheiss Website License this image Contact

Two becomes One

It might look like a cheetah with two heads, but its not. These two brothers are so tuned in that the image shows exactly their relationship. We were lucky to follow them during our two days stay and it seemed they were part of our program, a photography team building session where the team of […]


I’m a freelance photographer based in Barcelona (Spain). I studied Biology in Sweden, and in 2001 I started making pictures working in science communication projects under an interdisciplinary and visual perspective. I became a full-time photographer in 2006 with an assignment for a cultural guide about the Modern Architecture of Barcelona. I provide photography for […]


We were on a game drive when encountering a cute and “scary” situation with a baby elephant. The road we were on was in an area with thick bush on both sides. Suddenly we had the classic of “two cars in opposite directions on a one lane bridge”. Only that the other “car” was a […]


Sometimes to get the best spot for sunning, you have to share. The baby gator seems to have gotten there first, but is sharing the log with the turtles. TrudieBell Website License this image Contact

Sami Sarkis is entering the fine art market

Sami Sarkis is entering the fine art market with more than 3000 images tightly selected from his archives (100K+ photos). All the images were reprocessed specially for Fine Art printing. The lab was chosen for its professionalism and great reputation. Better: with FineArtAmerica, the art collector has no risk since he can return the print […]


The word photography comes from the Greek and means as much as “drawing with light”, and yes, photography is all about light. The light determines the settings on the camera, points out the object and creates the composition. The camera becomes the third eye of the photographer, listening to the light and capturing a painting […]