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Handsome Meadow Katydid, Orchelimum pulchellum

The bright colors on this katydid caught my eye. It is indeed a handsome, as well as having a loud song. TrudieBell Website License this image Contact


Carlos  Collado I’m a freelance photographer based in Barcelona (Spain). I studied Biology in Sweden, and in 2001 I started making pictures working in science communication projects under an interdisciplinary and visual perspective. I became a full-time photographer in 2006 with an assignment for a cultural guide about the Modern Architecture of Barcelona. I provide […]

SIngle dove on a roof in black and white

A single bird sitting contently on an old roof. Black and white image with minimalistic composition and elements. Anya Brewley Schultheiss Website License this image Contact

Lighting up the Sky

A small local fireworks display provides a good chance for friends to get together and enjoy themselves. TrudieBell Website License this image Contact

Surfer in red on the sea of blue

Image of surfer in red shorts sitting on a yellow surfboard on the ocean. I love color. Here in the islands we get the most gorgeous blue skies and water which by itself is photo worthy. However, when this lifeguard swam into the frame and sat looking out towards the boat in the distance, I […]

Spring is coming

It’s a wonderful time of the year when the snow recedes and the first crocus flowers grow through the snow. Ulrich Kunst andBettina Scheidulin Website License this image Contact

Waves in black and white

Image of gentle waves rolling in onto a beach in black and white. I loved the lines and form of the waves as they rolled in onto the sand I find that black and white accentuated that simple beauty. This photo was taken at Josiahs Bay beach in the British Virgin Islands. Anya Brewley  Schultheiss […]


When working on a book later to be published as BACK ROADS OF THE SOUTH, I came along this roadside farmer selling his fruit. His daughter was so proud of her daddy’s apples. So I told he I would take a photo of her with his apples. I then asked her to lift up her […]

Baby Gopher Tortoise, Gopherus polyphemus

The gopher tortoise can grow quite large. However, the babies can be held in a single hand. They excavate tiny burrows just like the adults. The gopher tortoise is a threatened species primarily due to habitat loss. They dig their burrows in sand hills that are also really great places to put housing developments. TrudieBell […]

Great Horned Owl Eye

“Great Horned Owl Eye” is the photo of the week. This owl is sitting on it’s nest in a hallow of a tree obviously keeping an eye on me (literally) as I take this photo. I originally had this in color but somehow the B&W rendering helps bring out the textures of the tree and […]

Tiny Beginnings

Water from a seep area collects to form the tiny rivulet flowing under the ferns. Dozens of rivulets like this one flow together to create a decent sized stream that leaves the area. TrudieBell Website License this image Contact

Closeup and beautiful.

Macro of a beautiful orange and pink hibiscus flower. The vibrant colors drew me to the flower initially and I got lucky when it started to rain. I loved the droplets and the little ant showed up just at the right time. AnyaBrewley Schultheiss   Website License this image Contact

NOI Pictures

Sébastien Löffler NOI Pictures is a photography + film agency, and a production house based in Vietnam. We are certainly glad to be part of this awesome project, and to be featured in this very impressive website.     mathematics art for sale mathematics paintings for sale giraffe art for sale giraffe paintings for sale […]


Perfect Calm at Trunk Bay, British Virgin Islands I live on an island where the hills and roads sometime worry even those who are accustomed to them. On one sunny afternoon my husband decided to take me for a little drive down one particularly bad dirt road. It was pitted and dangerously washed out by […]

Orlando LDS Temple Stained Glass Window

One of the most beautiful facets of the Orlando LDS Temple are the stained windows. The design is a peaceful elegance. The colors echo the colors of the land and water in Florida. TrudieBell Website License this image Contact

Michel Marcu

I want to show my work in a broader way than my web site Contact Tucuman 2163 5B Buenos Aires 1050 Argentina Website Email Specialities Fine Art Portraits Nudes

Seagull in flight

Image of a seagull in flight. Minimalist composition and processing. Sometimes I love what overexposure or underexposure does to an image. Overexposing this image resulted in the seagull blending into the background. I love the expression of the gull and the light airy feel it overexposure gave the image. AnyaBrewley Schultheiss Website License this […]

The Launch

Shooting stories on skydivers and not getting the same old shots from a helmet camera can be challenging. Photojournalist Kevin Vandivier always is looking for new creative ways to shoot heavily photographed subjects. In this case, he could not remember ever seeing a shot of a skydiver launching from the wing of a biplane. So […]

Island life

A lizard takes it easy on a fence in Carrot Bay, British Virgin Islands Here in the Caribbean and especially on my island you still find houses that are painted in bright, usually contrasting colors. I personally love it! Here especially in the central town area there has been a push towards modernization. You have […]

Going Up

One of the side effects of the land boom in the mid 200’s was that coastal lots in the Florida Panhandle was cut into smaller and smaller pieces, while the size of homes going on the lots stayed constant or became larger. Tall and thin house designs became the norm. TrudieBell Website License this […]

Javet M. Kimble Photography

Jan Keteleer sent me an invitation to join and after reading the mission of the site I decided that its mission and my goals at this time in my career were a perfect fit for each other. I am hoping to get more and better coverage for my photography and to make contact with serious […]

Digital Images by Ron Reznick

I received an email from Jan asking me to join, and the organization’s plan and goals were of great interest to me. Ron Reznick Contact 636 E. Harvard Rd. unit B Burbank, CA91501 United States Website – Blog Galleries Email Specialities Animals / Wildlife Travel Landscape

Stefan Tschirch Photography

Stefan Tschirch The idea of joining a website which promotes professional photographers with dedication to high quality images sounded very attractive to me from the start. I am glad to be part of this initiative, and it will keep me more motivated to produce high level photography in future. I have not been in this […]

Digital Images by Ron Reznick

Sandhill Crane: Landing at Sunset (Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico) Digital Images by Ron Reznick consist of a wide variety of nature and wildlife images (birds, animals, and nature scenics), scenic and travel images (Japan, Italy, the Southwestern US, etc.), architecture and art. He has created a comprehensive display website with numerous galleries […]