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Spider’s Web

crystallized dewdrops on a spider web between a bush morning in Brazilian Atlantic Forest of Rio de Janeiro


Ordi Calder photograph “Down in the Sugar Loaf Cable Car”

Panoramic Cityscape Fine Art Photography in Black and White cables made ​​from the Sugar Loaf cable car Bondinho / trolley Rio de Janeiro

Blue Curls, Trichostema dichotomum

Blue Curls, Trichostema dichotomum

The blue curl flower is a bright blue with an unusual structure that is found on a small common herb in the southeastern United States.



Do wildlife films give the right impression of the bush? Or is the content cut and paste to match the target group?

Mountain laurel, Kalmia latifolia

Mountain Laurel Blossoms

The mountain laurel flowers are very showy. The buds look like pink gum drops and the flowers are a bright white with a decagon shape. Mountain laurel is found in Florida only as remnant populations in the steep gully systems in the Florida panhandle. Trudie Bell Website Buy this picture Contact

Cherokee bean, Erythrina herbacea

Cherokee Bean

The Cherokee Bean grows from a large tuber. The striking red flowers mature into long slender black beans that split open to reveal bright red beans. The beans are very attractive, but poisonous. Trudie Bell Website Buy this picture Contact u.s.a. posters for sale


Sky at Sea

I was watching the clouds on a cruise when the sun broke through in one area to illuminate the sea. Trudie Bell Website Buy this image Contact


Karoo, silence and space

A semi-desert in South Africa There is a semi-desert in South Africa, called the Karoo, where one can easily think that there is nothing but dry land and heat. The heat is what I’m struggling with when going to deserts, the heavy heat, almost paralyzing, just trying to keep breathing and then I wonder why […]


Man walking along a fence while picking tamarind

I just happened to be driving by when I noticed a pair of boots on the edge of this fence. No head was initially in sight. The red bag hanging at the side of the fence confirmed the activity though, he was trying to pick tamarind from the higher branches and was using the fence […]

Graph LIGHT Facts Graphics

Triad – Spellings Light Series

Fotografia de Ordi Calder, da Série Grafias de Luz, fatos gráficos, selected for an exhibition in Los Angeles in 1650 Gallery ABSTRACTS 2012 juried photography exhibition! abstracts – the alternative eye 19/04/2012 The gallery Specializes in photography and the photographic arts. 1650 Gallery is located in the Echo Park district of Los Angeles. Série […]

Red Winged Blackbird, Agelaium phoeniceus

Singing for a Lady

This red-winged blackbird is singing to attract a female. With each call, he fluffs his feathers and spreads his tail feathers to be as large and beautiful as possible. The lovely thing about doing a wildlife survey is that you sit very still in one spot for a long time, so that you can take […]


Password change on May 1

Dear member, Our promotional website for professional photography is getting more and more visitors every day. This month we have already had more than 30,000 unique visitors from around the world. The first users of the advanced plan have given me their first results, and they are astonishing. This, of course, is great news. However, […]

Graph LIGHT Facts Graphics


Photograph selected for an exhibition in Los Angeles in 1650 Gallery ABSTRACTS 2012 juried photography exhibition! 19/04/2012 The gallery Specializes in photography and the photographic arts. 1650 Gallery is located in the Echo Park district of Los Angeles. The spellings of light in shadow establish a game that seduces the eye of the beholder. […]


Silhouetted yachts and the sun’s rays.

Image of three yachts on the water at Cane Graden Bay , Virgin Islands The day was especially overcast but close to sunset the sun’s rays fought through the clouds to shine down on the yachts below. Anya Brew Website License this image Contact


Snap & Share

Snap & Share Professional Photography with Apps? The Instagrams, Hipstamatics and Pro apps for the phone become more and more easy to handle tools to snap and share with pretty and artistic results. The New York Times published even war photography on the front page, taken with the Hipstamatic app. What does that mean for […]


Strolling on Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach is one the sugar sand beaches along the panhandle of Florida. It is a good place for quiet stroll. Trudie Bell Website Buy this picture Contact


String Shadows

Accepted Work – FIAP 14º Zajecar Tourism, Open – 2011 Spellings Light Series The spellings of light in shadow establish a game that seduces the eye of the beholder. The images provide new scenarios affirming the relationship of everyday objects with the spaces they inhabit. We realize that there is an intention to show that […]

Beach morning glory, Ipomoea pes-caprae

An Anchor with Color

Beach morning glory, Ipomoea pes-caprae, is a pioneer species that works with sea oats to anchor dunes. The bright green leaves and the purple flowers provide a brilliant contrast to the white sugar sand of Grayton Beach. TrudieBell Website License this image Contact


a different breed of photographer

John Running is a different breed of photographer. John Running has lived in Flagstaff, Arizona for the past forty six years. He has been making photographs for advertising, design and editorial clients for over forty years. He specializes in photographing people either on location or in the studio. His photographs stand out because they have […]


Larry Flynn

Technically and artistically superior images. Hi my name is Larry Flynn and I appreciate this opportunity to introduce myself to you and share my vision of photography. In the past decade as photography has transitioned from film to digital an explosion in the quantity of images has occurred while quality has not necessarily followed a […]


Sweater and zipper

Image of a purple sweater and yellow undershirt with an open zipper. Careful consideration was given to the choice of color and the composition. Anya Brewley  Schultheiss Website License this image Contact

Green light along stream

Green Light

The closed canopy of hardwood trees along Smith Creek creates a soft green light on a sunny day. The trail to Anna Ruby Falls is a beautiful hike – good for the body and the soul. TrudieBell Website License this image Contact

Tropical Storm Faye aftermath

Cleaning Up

Two county trucks drive opposite directions down Chaires Cross Road, which was flooded by Tropical Storm Faye. The road was closed to public traffic, but the larger county trucks were tall enough to drive through the water and not stall out. Trudie Bell Website License this image Contact


Erin Karp Photography

Erin Karp I am flattered to have been chosen for inclusion on this website & I am excited to share my images with you. Nature, Industrial & architectural structures, & natural light falling on any subject just right motivate me to pick up my camera and start shooting. I tend to see things in a […]