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Bhaven_ProfilePic_2007-01-31_IMG_0973_cBhavenJani_2007-1 Bhaven is a photographer with keen interest in travel, people and street photography. He has travelled in India and internationally to capture places, people, their emotions and their lives. Every place and every face has a story to tell. He likes to tell a story with his images so that the viewers can experience the same journey and feelings that he went through at the time of capturing the image. You are only as good as your last image, he says as he consistently tries to raise his own standards.
His work has been published in travel and life-style magazines like India Today Travel Plus, Outlook Traveller, Terrascape and Hello magazines.
He also does studio work - glamour & lifestyle and food photography. This work is available on Facebook at
On a personal note, Bhaven has a degree in electronics engineering followed with an MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai. Currently based out of New Delhi in India, Bhaven wants to make it to the top list of travel photographers/ writers in the world who will be remembered for the stories they told.

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