Check out the Seascapes of Ordi Calder made ​​in Cabo Frio, Buzios, Rio de Janeiro and Florianópolis! Fine Art Photographer FIAP Award

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Ordi Calder, Ordilei Caldeira is a self taught fine art photographer for 11 years (2001) his own style is the Conceptual. Influenced by surrealism, psychedelia and Esoterism. Passionate about photography, also photographs Architecture, Landscape, Nature, People, Portrait and Travel.
In 2011 two of His conceptual work received the "Selected Award FIAP".
His poetic photography is best understood through the concept of "underlies" the perception of the real scenes imbued with poetic values ​​and where he can compose their subjective aesthetic.

He currently lives in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro coast of place incredible nature.

International Exihbitions

2011- Accepted Award 5º Zajecar Tourism - FIAP contest (Ordi Calder was one of two Brazilian photographer selected for the exhibition)

2011 - Accepted Award 14º China International Art Exihbition - FIAP contest (Ordi Calder was the only Brazilian photographer selected for the exhibition)

Individual photographic exhibitions:

2010 - Exhibition Intersections in Time. Museum of Old Hill water tank. Cuiaba, Brazil. /

2009 - Exhibition "Light spellings, graphic facts" SESC Arsenal, Cuiabá.

Honarable Mention:
2005 - Honorable Mention in the first look at Cuiabá. Misc - Museum of Image and Sound in Cuiabá

Art Salons:
2004 - Selected in the Hall Young Artist Art Grosso

2003 - Selected in the Hall Young Artist Art Grosso

Artist Statement My artistic process is best Understood through the concept of "underlies" the name of my poetic photographic. Notice is poetic and aesthetic values ​​of the real outdoors scenes in everyday life in the light of the Sun, and aesthetic construct my compositions, influenced by surrealism and psychedelia and esotericism.

I'm inspired by the Masters in Art created painters, photographers. The beauty of nature, the creation of the Sun in its colors, shapes, textures, people, architecture, landscape...

In Times When I photograph I try to keep in mind the Notion of Kosmos; Quantum relativity of this meeting "only" with the sunlight in Which I hold the "Machine" Photographic and,I try to keep aware that by forging a photo is added artifact with weights Historic Document and Work of Art to this reality.

Ordilei Caldeira
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