Fine Art Photograph: Seascapes and Waterscapes from Brazil

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ordI'm Full Time Self-taught Conceptual Fine Art Photographer since 2001. My artistic process is best understood through the concept of "underlies" the name of my poetic photographic influenced by Psychedelia and Esotericism. It means realizing poetic and aesthetic values ​​of real scenes in daily life, outdoors and in the light of the sun My aesthetic is influenced by the Great Master Painters Surrealist en special school, by photographers "Pillars," For I am in Graphic Design Professional Specialist and I am Bachelor in History.

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2012 – Two works selected for exihbition ABSTRACTS 2012: the alternative eye, at 1650 gallery Los Angeles
2011 – Two of His conceptual work received the “Selected Award FIAP”.
International Exihbitions

2011- Accepted Award 5º Zajecar Tourism – FIAP contest (Ordi Calder was one of two Brazilian photographer selected for the exhibition)

2011 – Accepted Award 14º China International Art Exihbition – FIAP contest (Ordi Calder was the only Brazilian photographer selected for the exhibition)

Individual photographic exhibitions:

2010 – Exhibition Intersections in Time. Museum of Old Hill water tank. Cuiaba, Brazil. /

2009 – Exhibition “Light spellings, graphic facts” SESC Arsenal, Cuiabá.

Honarable Mention:
2005 – Honorable Mention in the first look at Cuiabá. Misc – Museum of Image and Sound in Cuiabá

Art Salons:
2004 – Selected in the Hall Young Artist Art Grosso

2003 – Selected in the Hall Young Artist Art Grosso
Ordilei Caldeira
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