Giants at Play

Fun with Buildings

Gordon Wood

Most of the time, I’m content taking pictures of the natural world for my stock or fine art collection. Having spent a lot of time learning the intricacies of Photoshop so I can teach it to others, though, I figured it was time to have some fun with it and to see how creative I could get.
As usual, I was inspired by what I saw other Photoshoppers doing with distortion of reality in their images. That gave me the idea to do a series of images involving giants getting up to no good. Not real giants of course, because they’re hard to find. By scaling up parts of my own body (photographically speaking) I can now emulate the no-good hijincks they may get into if they were to visit our world.
Needless to say, this involved a lot of layers and tools like Puppet Warp and Content Aware. And yes, lots of time. One take-away from an exercise like this is to save lots of layered versions as you go, so that you can always go back and restart after a bad session.

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