Instagram Opens A Window To Creativity

Life Seen Through an iPhone
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162600_10150323207350237_724800236_15804600_6261815_nI recently discovered a new creative outlet for my photography in Instagram, yes I know iPhone photography is often seen is amateur, but an iphone like any camera put into the hands of a good photographer can yield great results. It started out just as a fun outlet while I was on assignment in Florida covering Major League Baseball Spring Training, but I quickly began incorporating the use of my iPhone camera into my daily life and I began seeing the everyday mundane things as an opportunity for creative photography.
Since I began to use Instagram I've found myself almost always looking for something to photograph, a way to make something ordinary look extraordinary. I spent 30 days in Florida and cataloged images every day I was out there, I became more aware of my surroundings and find myself noticing things I had never noticed before. Instagram as strange as that may sound opened up a new window to my creativity as a photographer and I've seen improvements in my personal work as a result.
See a gallery of some of my Instagram photos linked below.
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