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A couple of Arctic terns (Sterna paradisaea) feeding each other

Photography of a couple of Arctic terns feeding each other.

Misty Mountain Panorama Landscape

Morning sunrise of nature mountains scenery beyond the vast landscape

Wildcat with kitten in a forest

Photography of a Wildcat mother hiding with one of her kitten behind sunlit shrubes in a forest.

Vibrant red leaved tree on the beach in the Virgin Islands

Image of a beautiful ocean side tree with vibrant red leaves against a blue ocean background. Golden sand and white waves roll onto the shore. Prints for sale

Hidden waterfall

A photography of a river cascading through a dense forest in the Ardennes, Belgium.


Photography of a Wood Cranesbill blossom glowing in the low sun of a North-Swedish summer night.

Great beauty in death

Image for sale or licensing of a dried brown but beautiful flower. Wonderful textured leaves and earthy color. Macro image

Beach Palace

Very large beach house

Oregon in June

landscape, nature, panorama, outdoors, people

Plants reaching for the moon at twilight

Simple image of tall stalks of plants towering and reaching towards the sky and the moon. Beautiful blue sky and wispy clouds at twilight. Vibrant color.

Sea Amalgamated

Black with White Seascape reflections illuminating the ripples in the sea, which appears black stone. Ao Fundo A ilha de Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Red pipes and blue dot

Fine art print for sale of a vibrant red pipe with a blue dot in the center. Simple minimal composition with emphasis on color, texture and geometric shapes.

More Than One Way

Excavator pulling a trench box out of a trench on a pipeline project.


NICK TAPSELL TNT Sports Photography has a Photoshelter user for a couple of years now and Photographers Selection is another great way of new clients finding us and seeing our work. Contact Brighton BN1 United Kingdom Website – Blog – Galleries Email Specialities Sports Architecture / Interior Action

How Not to Think When Photographing

Baboon male contemplating on Mombo in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Portrait baboon male.

Professional vs. Amateur Photographers?

A lion with blood around his mouth. He was just feeding on his kill. may be a good analogy with what happens sometimes with photographers.

Work selected for exihbition ABSTRACTS 2012: the alternative eye, at 1650 Los Angeles gallery

The spellings of light in shadow establish a game that seduces the eye of the beholder. 2 photos in this series received “Selected Award – FIAP” “Xadrez” 5ยบ Zaj

Imbue Photography

Leigh Thomas I have joined Photographers Selection to be inspired and hopefully to inspire. Contact Doha PO Box 24200 Qatar Website – Blog – Galleries Email Specialities Landscape Portraits HDRI


Richard Worth Located near San Francisco, but with roots extending to our native Colorado, we primarily offer outdoor images from the Pacific Ocean to the Rocky Mountains: waves, sandy beaches, birds, tafoni formations, fall colors, ghost towns, urban wildlife and more. Richard Worth Website Blog and/or Portfolio Contact San Leandro 94579 United […]

Thunderhead Behind a Beach House

Beach house with a thunderhead behind it.

Atlantic Puffins

Profile image of an Atlantic Puffin with wings spread, perched on rock with ocean in background

Miami Sewing Machines

Orange County Photographer Mark Jordan of Mark Jordan Photography, not only creates family portraits in Orange County but captures world travels in his blog.

Mason Photography

Steve Mason Over the last twenty years Steve has shot for the largest retailers and service providers in the US and Europe. Advertising, Direct mail, Retail Sign, Web, he has covered the range of usage in every media. His advertising and print experience has covered the gamut from International Cruise Lines campaigns to Financial Services. […]

All in the Packing

Red and green fireworks in the sky.