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Riverside Old Tree

Nature Landscape Photography of Yunnan Province, China

Mason Photography

Steve Mason Always looking to drive prospective and current clients to my collection of images and services. Contact Olympia WA 98506 United States Website – Blog – Galleries Email Specialities Advertising Lifestyle Action

Mark Jordan Photography

Mark Jordan Koeff As an Orange County Photographer there are a plethora of photography studios but only a precious small percentage that are creating profesional images. Photographer’s Selection offers a portal to elevate the profession I so love, as well as highlight my work in a credible forum. Not to mention Jan Keteleer invited me […]

It’s Midsummer!

Images depicting traditional Midsummer celebrations in Sweden.

Working on an Unstable Base

Excavator trying to lift a trench box on soft soil.

Children running at Beach: Unforgetteble Moment

Boy running at Forte Beach, Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro. Fine Art photography, photos taken outdoors. In the poetry of life, Ordi Calder finds scenes of poetry.

Old Cars by Ordi Calder: design and poetry

Old Cars. The beauty of the old forms, the poetry of the time course … Old cars always found by chance along the way. Some in good condition, others not!

A new Photo Book by Sami Sarkis

Buy this picture Royal AppBooks has published the new Photo book of Sami Sarkis, photographer, as an App for iTunes /App Store for iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch: “Underwater Wanderings”. “Photographer, filmmaker, diver, long distance traveler, Sami Sarkis offers in his first App his 183 most beautiful underwater shots, gleaned all over the world, this […]

Mottled Duck with ducklings

A Mottled Duck with ducklings, floating in duckweed.

Going at a different pace

Travel photography featuring a village at the Swedish High Coast.

Javier Tordesillas – Fotógrafo

Javier Tordesillas Professional photographer needs to show his work Contact Toledo 45001 Spain Website – Blog – Galleries Email Specialities Wedding Events Location

Welding at a Road Bore

Welding at a road bore

Reach for the light

Black and white abstract image of silhouetted leaves of a palm tree reaching up and outwards towards the light. Simple image with emphasis on shape and lines.

Andy Dunaway

Andy Dunaway I want to be a member of a photographic cooperative of great diversity and distinction owned by its photographer members. With powerful individual vision, I would love to help chronicle the world and interpret its peoples, events, issues and personalities. I love waiting, watching and talking to people and to see what will […]

“Picture This”

Buy this picture Orchard Oriole female,with early morning side light. Myrtle Tree perch. The Orchard Oriole is North America’s smallest species of icterid blackbird.. “This image is a perfect example of simplicity and elegance created by the combination of basic composition and beautiful lighting. The simple lines of the branch and the bird are masterfully […]

Tim McGuire Images

Tim McGuire I have been heavily invested in stock photography creation and over the last 4 years my business has been decimated by market forces beyond my control. I am looking for new ways to move forward and I would like to try out new innovative ideas for professional photographers to continue making a living […]

Jenny Kirchner Photography

Jenny Kirchner When I received an email to join this website, I saw a great opportunity. The possibility of getting my work out there to a larger audience is my goal. Looking forward on seeing what happens. Contact Idyllwild 92549 United States Website – Blog – Galleries Email Specialities Photojournalism Action Nature

Standing in the water abstract in black and white

Black and white abstract image of a man standing in shallow water on a beach in the Caribbean. Simple images with emphasis on shadow and texture.

In Hot Pursuit

Buy this picture “In Hot Pursuit” was a fun but challenging shot to make. I had observed the interesting behavior before, but had not been set up for it. The physical aspect demanded that I move about, tracking the two subjects as they performed their mating dance. To get at their level I had to […]

248 St. Georges Technical High School seniors graduate

Buy this picture 06/07/12 Newark Del: 248 St. Georges Technical High School Senior toss their caps in the air Thursday, June 7, 2012, at The Bob Carpenter Center in Newark Delaware. Saquan stimpson Website – Blog – Galleries – Portfolio Contact

Messages from the Past

A caption and photograph of a rock art panel pictograph found along the San Rafael Swell in Utah.

AJ Mast

AJ Mast I like to take advantage of opportunities to grow my business. Contact Indianapolis 46205 United States Website – Blog – Galleries Email Specialities Photojournalism Sports Portraits

Dave Lintott Photography

Dave Lintott I am joining Photographers Selection to expand my audience and potential client base, and to engage international markets. I approve of the concept of co-operative agency action as opposed to the exploitation that occurs through the one-sided control exercised by established agencies at present. Contact Wellington 6021 New Zealand Website – Blog – […]

Howard Cheek Photography

Howard Cheek To increase my web presence, and examine other professionals work. Contact Kempner, TX 76539 United States Website – Blog – Galleries Email Specialities Nature Action Animals / Wildlife