Another Dark Knight

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Another Dark Knight

The other day while going through some of my travel photos from a trip I took to Greece back in 2010, I came across this photo that I took in Rhodes, Greece, titled “The Dark Knight”. As soon as I looked at this photo, which I have seen many times, my mind immediately went to the Aurora, Colorado movie theater tragedy. I’m not sure if it was the title “ The Dark Knight”, which is the title of the movie that was playing when the shooting unfolded “The Dark Knight Rises”; or maybe it was the way the knight was standing with the clouds that appear to be like smoke behind him. Maybe it was the combination of the two things. Either way I will never be able to look at this photo again without thinking of the victims of Aurora, CO.

I find it interesting that as time goes on, things happen, events change our lives, and so feelings about a certain image can change as well. The recent events in Aurora, Colorado have really changed how I look at this photo.

The day I took this photo it was a beautiful, sunny day that was spent exploring the island of Rhodes, Greece with some new friends. This photo was one of my favorites from the whole trip. I loved the way the knight appeared to be standing guard over the whole town. The protector. Their “knight in shining armor”, etc.
But now, as I look at this photo all I can think about is the victims of the horrible tragedy in Aurora, Colorado.

While looking at this image I thought to myself “Why them?” “What did they do to deserve the cards that were handed to them? Who was there to protect them? Who was their “knight in shining armor”? But as more news came out about the event and how it unfolded, I got to hear some of the victim’s stories. I realized that the victims were actually each other’s “knights in shining armor”.

Not to downplay the role of the brave police and rescue workers who put their lives on the line to help as many people as they could, but they were doing the job they were trained to do. At some point in their careers they must have thought about being on the scene of a tragic event like this.

But to me, the real knights in shining armor were the victims. They were there to watch a movie; never expecting something like this to happen. In an instant they became victims and they also became heroes.

There are many stories of bravery that are coming out of this tragic event, like the one of Allie Young who is only nineteen years old. When the gunman threw the canister into the building her immediate reaction was to stand up and warn people. She was immediately shot. As she fell to the floor bleeding profusely from her neck, her friend Stephanie Davies, age 21, stayed by her side, tried to stop the bleeding, and called 911. All this while the gunman was still shooting.

They are the True Heroes. The True Knights. And they were just two of the many knights in shining armor that were present in Aurora, Colorado that day. So from now on, when I look at this photo I will always think of all the victims and all the heroes - “the knights” from this tragedy.

If I have learned anything from this tragic event, it is to be kind to those around me because any one standing next to you could possibly end up being your knight in shining armor.

I would like to dedicate this image to all the heroes from Aurora, Colorado, including those who lost their lives:

Alexander Boik – age 18
Alex Sullivan – age 27
Alex Teves – age 24
Gordon Cowden – age 51
Jesse Childress – age 29
Jessica Ghawi – age 24
Jon Blunk - age 26
John Larimer –age 27
Matt McQuinn – age 27
Micayla Medek –age 23
Rebecca Wingo – age 32
Veronica Moser- Sullivan – age 6

Gone, but not forgotten!
Marc Page
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