JFennell Photography on recent shoot for the New York Times profiling New Olympic Athlete

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DSC5922-150The Olympics are right around the corner and everyone is out there profiling athletes and hyping up the action about to commence in London for the 2012 Summer Olympics.
One of the new sports everyone is talking about is Supercross of BMX that made its debut in Beijing 4 years ago. It is definitely a spectators sport with adrenaline induced action featuring riders flying down a course with huge jumps and speeds up to 40 mph, on BMX bikes.
One of the stars of the sport and Olympic Gold Medal Hopeful is Connor Fields. The New York Times recently hired sports photographer Jonathan Fennell of JFennell Photography to cover a story profiling Connor Fields at the US Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA. They wanted to profile his rigorous training, never quit attitude and confident demeanor.
You can view more images from the story on Jonathan Fennell's Blog: http://blog.jfennellphoto.com.
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