One structure takes many forms

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Working through my archives, I recently spent some time processing a handful of architectural photographs from a trip to San Francisco last year. These two photographs were shot on the same day, and depict different angles on the same windows and balconies of one landmark building downtown.

The first shot frames one edge of the angular building in the heavy concrete of a foreground structure. I chose to work in black and white for this view, as the elements of interest are in the modern layered angles, and in the balance of light and shadow as the afternoon sun settles across the city skyline.

The second photo intrigued me too, with looming rows of railings, the couple hidden in the shadows, and the layers of squared corners and circles at the top. The tone and texture of the warm, neutral building against the bright blue summer sky seems to add another layer of interest, as it is difficult to decide whether this architecture might be a modern experiment from years past, or some possibly futuristic urban structure.

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