The Law of Silence to be shown at the Angkor Photo Festival 2012

Healing of a Broken Spirit
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MAP.FRA-16092008.164255-BWThe photo essay, “The Law of Silence” has been selected to be shown at the Angkor Photo Festival, in Cambodia.

628 Km north-west of Montreal in Canada, lies Winneway, an algonquin village of 450 inhabitants. The Anishnabe as they call them self are a native community battling against serious social problems. Among them, sexual violence stay behind doors. The foundation of many self-destructive habits, very few victims talks even when there is at least 26% case of sexual abuse in native communities, according to Statistics Canada. But the Aboriginal Psychosocial Interventions Reserch Group says a rate from 50 to 80% is more realistic.

Cultural and value loss, poverty, unemployment, breaking in tradition, lost of traditional language, use of drugs and alcohol, are among social issues that are the foundation of violence in native community.

But a few women are beginning to talk, in their healing process, but also to break the cycle and protect younger generation. Men who are on the other side of violence, are suffering too. They do their share to find peace of mind as well as their place in the community.

After years broken spirit, Algonquin women victims begin to talk, and both men and women are on their healing path.

Created in 2005, the Angkor Photo Festival is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. Held each year in Siem Reap, the weeklong festival features a series of exhibitions, slideshows and outdoor activities. It serves as a platform to discover and re-discover talent from all over the world, and is now a regular highlight on the Asian arts calendar, attracting photography professionals from all over the world.

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