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Apple Snail Begins with Pink

Apple Snail and its pink eggs.

Lakhdar Brahimi and the Syria War

Syria War Lakhdar Brahimi

Golden Orb Weaver Spider

The Golden Orb Weaver spider, Nephila sp., builds enormous webs.


Dirk Heckmann I’m a nature-, wildlife-and travel-photographer and also a travelbook-author (nine books). I studied engeniering in the Black Forest and journalism in Hannover/Germany. With my photographs I was awarded for example at the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, European wildlife photographer of the Year, Nature’s Best Windland Smith Rice international Awards, International Garden […]

Leaning to the Pink

Christmas cactus in bloom that gradually changes from white to pink over time.

Bromiliad in Bloom

Bromiliad in bloom

Animals in black and white

Buy this picture I was in the zoological garden from Berlin to take this photographs. I made a serie of black and white portraits from some animals. Black and white is excellent to show the character of the animals. See more on Enjoy, Dirk Heckmann Buy this picture Dirk Heckmann Website – Blog – […]

Sunrise at Calm Sea and Pink Sky

Dawn at sea with the pink sky on the coast of Cabo Frio. Alone amid the ocean, a small boat and fisherman in the background, several islands creates forms on th

Faces at the Indian Independence Day parade 2012

New York annual Indian Independence Day parade

Indian Independence Day 2012

Actor Saif Ali Khan and cricketer Anil Kumble at the India Day Parade in New York

Mini Brochures You’ll Love!

Buy this picture My husband often gets inquiries about our photography services while he’s at work, so this week I decided to make a cute about/pricing brochure to give those and other potential clients rather than just handing them a business card or telling them to have a look at our website. In photography (and […]

Going to Work

Sandhill crane, Grus canadensis, flying

Taunting Gravity

Fine Art Nude Photograph depicting a young Caucasian female dancing.

Paul Chong Nature and Landscape Fine Art Photography

Beautiful and breathtaking scenery of China nature, landscape fine art photography by Paul Chong.

Chris Odom Photo

Chris Odom I am an editorial and advertising photographer based in Tampa, FL. specializing in environmental/location portraiture and marine sports like sailing. Contact Holmes Beach 34217 United States plymouth art for sale plymouth paintings for sale children room art for sale children room paintings for sale child art for sale

Photographic Interpretation of Crazy River

I’ve always had a visual come to mind whenever I hear Robbie Robertson’s ‘Crazy River’. This is how I interpreted the mood and the setting using Photoshop.

Meditation at Atlantic Forest

Meditation at Atlantic Forest – Lighting Design in shadow on the texture of a green stone and old leaves old, sunlit, form design that resembles a person to med

Anderson Cooper at UN

Anderson Cooper at Beyonce UN Party

Rapper Theophilus London at Beyonce UN Party

Rapper Theophilus London at Beyonce United Nations Party

Actress Julia Stiles at Beyonce UN Party

Bourne Film Series Actress Julia Stiles (Nicky Parsons) at Beyonce UN Party

Surprise Visitor!

A Black Bear Cub reclining on a patio in Asheville, North Carolina

Michael Katz Photography

Deer Crossing Tuolumne River

The Three Legs of Business

The business of selling photographic art.

Yellowbelly Racer Attack

Buy this picture This Yellowbelly Racer first ran up towards our pond at blazing speed, from the marshy area below. It stopped at ponds edge, in a coiled & upright stance. Then through the water, with a few missed strikes at the leopard frogs there. Finally, it wound its way up through, and deep into […]