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Paul-Chong Ever since I've moved to China, the beauty of the land have inspired me to shoot nature and outdoor landscape photography. My photography style focuses on taking landscape and nature around China mainland. I love travelling to different places to see new places, culture, people and most of my landscape work covers rural, countryside, parks, forest and mountains. While taking every opportunity to capture scenic and colorful scenery that portrays the beauty of all creations.

My philosophy: "Being born and growing up by the countryside, nature have always been a source of life and inspiration throughout my life. The incredible beauty of the land that teems with abundance life, glory and pure nature is like home to me. There’s a saying “when a man comes to the mountains, he comes home”. After all, nature is like our home garden and we like the faithful steward, are called to protect and to cultivate them. My hope is that, through my photography, this can be an inspiration for many to cherish the nature around us, and to bring awareness about the land we are living in. In the place we all call… HOME.”

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