Paul Chong Nature Photography

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Paul-ChongBeautiful landscape scenery of deep forest surrounded by tall trees while the sunlight can be seen piercing through from among the trees, creates a stunning star-burst effect. The parks of Shanghai offers a great escape for people who would like to be away from the busy city with masses of tall concrete buildings. Each year, various flowering plants have been planted according to its season within the park for exhibition and attraction. The park is surrounded by various vegetation and provides ample of spaces for different activities such as outdoor sport, camping, picnic, boating, cycling and etc.

"Paul Chong is a nature photographer focusing on capturing the breathtaking scenery of China mainland. He enjoys travelling to different places to discover and to explore the richness of the culture found in the land. Most of his photography style focuses on nature woodland, forest, countryside, lakeside, macro flower and etc."
Paul Chong
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