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"Candyland" Utah

Barbara Magnuson and Larry Kimball

PpBL-0003 “We are first and foremost nature photographers. We are not specialists in that we tend to capture images of what interests us, inspires us and surprises us, macros to landscapes, behavior to portraits and all of the wild. As a husband and wife team we collaborate of course but retain our own individual vision.

Our market has been the print media, calendars, books and magazines but we also produce custom prints here at home and use,, Photoshelter and to widen our audience. Several photo agencies represent our work worldwide and give us access to markets of which we would never have been aware.

Writing the occasional article also opens markets for our photo images. We prefer writing about locations or specific critters as opposed to technical information.

We hope our images and words promote an understanding of and more reverence for the natural world and our wild brethren.

Come to our website, view our images, read our blog and don’t hesitate to send us your comments, observations, requests or questions. We’d love to hear from you! ”

Cheers to you all !

Barbara Magnuson and Larry Kimball


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