JFennell Photography’s black and white advertising sports images of golf are gritty and edgy.

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Here are some sports, athlete, advertising images Jonathan Fennell of JFennell Photography took recently of a local San Diego Pro, Chad Bennett. These were shot at Maderas Golf Club in Poway, CA which is in North San Diego County.

Most golf images you see in golf magazines whether it be article or ad are very conservative. While this has been the trend in golf for many years due to the demographic of the consumers, the tide is slowly turning. You are starting to see young golfers expressing themselves with bold colors and unique clothing. As a result you are starting to see the same trends in the pro shops and sports specialty stores with the golf merchandise.

"That being said I think my style of photography fits the new style we are seeing in golf, so in trying to bring something different to the sport I created some gritty, edgy, black and white sports advertising images."

I used a 3 speedlight set up in each image during late afternoon sun. The locations of the lights varied based on the location on the golf course and the direction of the sun. To achieve that "Advertising Look" I used the lights to sculpt my subject and create specific shadows.
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2 Responses to “JFennell Photography’s black and white advertising sports images of golf are gritty and edgy.”

  1. Wally says:

    Well, this certainly is a different style of golf photography, that’s for sure. However, to my eyes the images look over-processed to the degree of looking cartoonish. If that’s the effect you are seeking, great! I would prefer something more down to Earth.

  2. Yes that is in fact that is the look I’m going for. It’s my “style” if you will.

    There are plenty of other photographers out there making more down to earth pictures.
    I wanted to do something different to stand out.
    If clients are after the more down to earth look, there are plenty of great photographers to choose from. If they’re looking for something a little more edgy and different than the idea is that the pool is much smaller and consideration of my services are inquired more often. It’s not for everyone but the people that like it really love it.
    Thanks for the feedback.