Base Jumps filmed by a Drone in Provence, France

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Smiling businessman with platic toy guns on the beach, Provence, FranceJustine Edde & Martin Schürmann are two swiss base jumpers and we had the chance to meet them up on Cap Canaille nearby Cassis, southern France!
Cap Canaille in the second highest maritime cliff in Europe (399m).
Our drone (i.e in Marseille, France) was in front of them when it comes to capture the images of their jumps. Meaning that we where at more than 400m above sea!
Since we always shoot at 50 i/s in progressive mode, it was very easy to get a wonderful slowmotion of this very fast action (frame rate at 25%)
Bruno Thorigny is the pilot of the drone, and I was, as usual, filming and later editing of the clip of those unbelievable jumps.
The video clip can be seen here:
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2 Responses to “Base Jumps filmed by a Drone in Provence, France”

  1. Shirley C. says:

    I’m a little confused here. I have no idea what a “base jump” is or the purpose of the activity. Would you mind explaining? TIA

  2. Sami Sarkis / says:

    Hi Shirley,

    The best way to understand what is base jump it is to watch this video:

    or search on google, but basically is the fact of jumping with a small parachute from any base, even monuments, like the Christ in Rio!