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Panamanian Golden Frog

Panamanian Golden Frog photographic image and description of photo collection from Panama.


Priorities for better portrait photography.

Fatal Zebra Crossing i

Zebra crossing over mara river in masai mara in kenya with crocodile kill.

Skimmer Male Being Naughty

lion mating on duba plains in okavango delta in botswana


leopard watching from his tree a bushbuck passing by in an attempt to hunt.

Serengeti Flooded

An unusual sighting seeing the Serengeti all wet and flooded with the Grumeti River overflowing.

Limited Editions

Commentary on fine art photography, limited editions.

Rigging on the tall ship Götheborg

Photograph of masts and rigging on the Swedish replica Eastindiaman Götheborg.

Reflections As Collages

Creative window reflections for photography and fine art imaging.

Limited Edition Photography

Ordi Calder is a self-taught fine art photographer for 11 years, Historian and Graphic Design Specialist. Ordic have One Work “Selected Awards FIAP – Internatio

The Palestine Vote

The United Nations Vote on the State of Palestine