Reflections As Collages

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DeWolf_20120104_6192Collages can be some of the most interesting visual creations. The type I have in mind is not the unimaginative grid layouts of individual images, but the textured, multi-image overlays.

Window reflections are readymade collages. The challenge for the photographer is to blend and strengthen the components so that they become a single image with impact. The blending and strengthening happens in the "darkroom" after capture.

In addition, that auto focus function on the camera often hinders the right capture. You may walk away thinking your composition was good and that you got the right shot only to find out the lens focused on the wrong subject, like something behind the window.

Take some precautions, unless you enjoy being frisked. Before your creative impulses override your rational mind, contact the police department and their dispatch agency and tell them what you’re up to. To the average person, the photographer shooting reflections looks like a voyeur. He or she also looks like a burglar casing a building when the window being photographed belongs to the bank or jewelry store. And, don’t be shy about walking into the store or office and explain yourself when you notice someone inside with a bewildered look.

Brian DeWolf
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