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Sami Sarkis

logo-DP-Carré1 Sami Sarkis founded a new aerial views service in Provence, with Drone-Pictures.fr.
For aerial images of Provence, PACA or worldwide, we offer an experienced, comprehensive service tailored to your needs and your budget.
We use various airborne methods to take our aerial shots including a Cessna aircraft, helicopter, and even microlight or tandem paragliding. We overall have our own UAVs multi-rotors, which gives us a much greater latitude of action and expands creative possibilities.
Our aerial imagery offer is fully comprehensive and includes much more than just capturing aerial images. We can do as much or as little as you require – it’s all up to you. See the full range of our services below.
Based in Provence, France, Sami Sarkis brings the sharp, experienced eye of a photographer/filmmaker to every aerial shot he takes. Sami has a deep knowledge of the best sites for your shots. He knows the best locations, the most beautiful angles and when the light will be perfect to capture stunning aerial images throughout the year.

With a team of professionals, Drone-Pictures.fr do much more than just offer a short meeting at the airfield. They can deliver an end-to-end service from a genuine dialogue early in the process to fully identify the project through to sign-off and beyond. This complete service means we delivers the very best results for you, your business and your clients.

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