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Tree at Nanny Cay and how lighting makes a difference

Observation of how the lighting of a landscape can make a world of a difference in the feel of an image. Photograph of Nanny Cay Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Dew drop on grass

Close up photograph of a dew drop glittering on blades of grass glittering in the soft morning light.

Pronghorn Wildlife Photography

Pictures and comments about photographing birds in Panama, reading more about travel there as well as viewing more photos of Panama’s wildlife on our web sites.

Golden Galaxy abstract

Abstract image of golden raindrops.Exploration of different perspectives and angles. Vibrant color and astral feel. Fine art prints available for purchase.

Oriental cherry moving in the wind

Photograph of a Japanese Cherry tree (Prunus serrulata) shaking in a spring wind.

The poetic photographic underlies

The poetics of Ordi Calder includes surrealism and psychedelia as lenses in his eyes aesthetically built on the projections of geometric shapes urban

Lighted Waterfall

Photograph of a waterfall in the mountains lit by the sun. Alps near mount Ortler in South Tirol, Italy, Europe

Sandhill Crane Parenting

A pair of Sandhill Cranes walking with their Chick, covered in down feathers.

Japanese Magnolia, Magnolia liliiflora

Japanese Magnolia blossoms, Magnolia liliiflora

Norfolk Pine Silhouette

Norfolk Pine Silhouette

Pink twilight and dark water along the coast of Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Image of a deep pink twilight, silhouetted palm trees and hills and dark rolling waves along the coast of Tortola in the Virgin Islands. Prints for sale . RM.

Lake Superior Gemstone

Lake Superior Ice

Neil Weaver Photography

Great Lakes Landscape Photographer Neil Weaver

‘Cornered’ – (Cardinal Behavior)

Buy this picture An attempt at capturing the aggressive behavior of the Cardinal, with males generally the ‘nastier’ of the two. The aggressive behavior within the species is rather common, and not limited to the male/female interaction seen here.. Higher ISO @ 1600, f/11, 1/4000th and bright sunlight – no flash. Canon 1D Mark III, […]

Ordi Calder Statement

Ordi Calder, Ordilei Caldeira, One work Accepted Award FIAP, thirteen works selected at international Contests in the ast 2 years. Artists Photographer Fine Art

Silhouetted fence at sunset at Carrot Bay, British Virgin Islands

Image of a silhouetted chain fence at sunset at Carrot Bay, British Virgin Islands. Beautiful sunset colors highlight the texture of the fence. Prints for sale


This is fine art photographs created from the post of view of the photographer as an artist, resulting in Abstract and Conceptual work (the author’s personal st

Waves of water curl and roll over rocks at Carrot Bay, British Virgin Islands

Monochrome image of waves curling and rolling over rocks at Carrot Bay , British Virgin Islands. Prints for sale and RM licensing available

Black and white image of waves at Josiah’s Bay, British Virgin Islands

Black and white image of waves gently lapping up onto a beach on Josiah’s Bay in the British Virgin Islands. Prints for sale or RM licensing available

Getting into Ruts

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep rams photographed during the breeding season rut along the Arkansas River in Colorado