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Ordi Calder realiza sua Primeira Individual na Europa

The Photographer Contemporary Ordi Calder, considered revelation photography Fine Art World, hits representation with his second Art Gallery in Europe, Portugal

Bird of Paradise Leaves Against the Sun

Sunlite Bird of Paradise Leaves

Bird of Paradise leaves dance in the sunlight.


Entrance to Doubtful Sound in New Zealand

Entrance to Doubtful Sound on South Island of New Zealand.

White Island Volcano New Zealand

Ute Sonnenberg

My strength is environmental and travel photography with the speciality of African wildlife photography.

Blue-throated Hummingbird visiting Agave flowers

Pronghorn Wildlife Photography

Profile description of wildlife and nature photographers Barbara Magnuson and Larry Kimball based in Colorado USA

Towering beech tree

Beech tree (Fagus sylvatica) looming high

Vertical panoramic photograph of a high towering beech tree in spring.


Meg Sommers Photography

Meg Sommers Photography Naturescapes and Wildlife My photography is dedicated to promoting the value of wildlife and wild places in an effort to encourage preservation and conservation, not only for our future generations, but also for theirs. I am lucky enough to live only 50 miles from Yellowstone National Park. When I go to Yellowstone, […]

White Bird of Paradise

White Bird of Paradise

white bird of paradise flowers

Twice the Pelican

Pelican Reflection

Brown pelican and reflection

Pelican in a Clean up Site

Unexpected Addition

pelican brings a trash clean up crew to a halt.



D. Robert Franz Increase SEO and visitation to my website Contact Cody 82414 United States Website – Blog – Galleries Email Specialities Animals / Wildlife Nature Stock

Yellow Iris

Yellow Iris

yellow iris in bloom


Unexpected encounter with a roe deer and her two fawns

Video clips showing a roe deer mother with her two fawns on a flowering summer meadow. She grooms them while they suckle.

Roseate Spoonbill in flight, descending


A bright pink Roseate Spoonbill in flight, descending against a soft blue sky.


Lars Krogsveen Photo

Lars Krogsveen Like to publish pictures of Norwegian nature and sports like skiing and mountaineering. Always bring the camera with me to make some nice shoots of activity and nature. People in action is always fun! Contact Malmvegen 1 2618 Norway Website – Blog – Galleries Email Specialities Sports Action People

Black Skimmer, skimming in canal


Two images of a Black skimmer, skimming and diving in canal at Merritt Island, Florida. Article describes unusual behavior observed.

Ordi Calder, Ordilei Caldeira

Ordi Calder Fine Art Photographer

Ordi Calder is Fine Art Photographer theres 11 years. One Work Accepted Award FIAP, fourteen selected papers in international competitions to exhibitions


Geometric Abstraction Selected for International Collective Exhibition

work selected for Abstracts Art Exhibition at Light Space & Time Online Gallery, 2013


Raphael Olivier

Raphael Olivier As a professional photographer working in Asia, I am always looking at staying on top of seo strategies for a better positioning in the area. I was recommended by some friends to join your website, so i hope your editors will see my application as good enough to become a member here. Contact […]

Portrait of a captive silver-eared mesia (Leiothrix argentauris)

Charles Despres & Jee Yan Chu

Charles Despres We founded Red Meadows Nature Photography in 2008. As photographers, we are passionate about showing beauty in the natural world through our cameras. Trained as scientists, we strive to bring rigor and studio-like quality to our photography. Our goal is to document the natural behavior of our subjects without compromising their welfare, all […]