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Cape Cross Fur Seals Slaughtered For Their Fur!

Fur seal cub drinking from it’s mother. Every year, around 85000 seals are being slaughtered for their fur in Namibia/Africa.

Voodoo – P-51D Air Racer

Buy this picture P-51D Mustang racer “Voodoo” in flight. After a two year hiatus the highly modified World War II era fighter will compete at the 50th Annual Reno Air Races in September. With Steven Hinton in the pilots seat the team is looking to capture it’s first Unlimited Gold Championship. With speeds near, and […]

Wildfires in the West

Short article and photographs about the wildfires burning in Colorado and western United States during a multi-year drought.

Southern Pacific Locomotive 2472

Buy this picture Southern Pacific Locomotive 2472 at the western entrance to Niles Canyon. Built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1921, and used by the Southern Pacific Railroad until its retirement in 1956, No. 2472 was restored to operation by the Pacific Locomotive Association in 1999. The 150 ton steam locomotive now runs through […]

Ford Tri Motor

Buy this picture Built as one of the first all metal airliners the Ford Tri Motor, also affectionately known as the Tin Goose, played a large role in gaining the public’s acceptance of air travel. Less than 200 of the aircraft were produced during a production run that ran from 1925 until 1933 but their […]

Intertidal Barnacles

intertidal barnacles on a pier

Green and Pink Petunias

pink and green petunias with the stamen and pistils clearly visible.

America’s Cup Racing on San Francisco Bay.

Buy this picture Americas Cup boats race along the San Francisco waterfront. Rick Pisio Website – Blog – Galleries – Portfolio Contact

Gypsy Festival Painting

Abstract, conceptual, experimental, improvisational, impressionistic fine art photography. Colours, patterns, textures, shapes lacking contextual expectations.

A flock of flying Jackdaws

Black and white photograph of a flock of flying jackdaws, tinted sepia.

Lincoln Highway in Utah’s Great Salt Lake Desert

Buy this picture A Pre-1918 alignment of the Lincoln Highway in Utah’s Great Salt Lake desert. 2013 marks the centennial of America’s first coast to coast highway, the Lincoln Highway. Many sections of the Lincoln Highway have been bypassed and replaced by modern highways and interstates but there are sections through Utah’s Great Salt Lake […]