Landscape Photography Exhibition, Shanghai

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Paul-Chong1In this exhibition, 'Journey In The Woods' captured the essence of the colorful nature world while celebrating the wonders of outdoor photography. The artworks present various landscape scenery that sets in different geographical settings to showcase its mood and atmosphere of the woods. The exhibition will be held at the Kokuyo Showroom located at Shanghai throughout the month of September. For more information, please see below.

Exhibition Details:
Date: 5th September - 8 October 2013 (every mon-fri, 9am-5pm)
Location: KOKUYO Showroom 7F, Siyuan Shangsha No.500 Middle Xizang Road,
Huangpu District, Shanghai, China (上海市黄浦区西藏中路500号思源商厦7楼)

About the photographer
Paul Chong was born in Malaysia and move to China since 10 years ago. He started photography since 2001 and loves to create nature landscape fine art photograph. He was inspired to take photos when he first bought a Rollei compact film camera back then as a university student while attending photography classes. Which provides him a greater freedom later in his life to take photos when he travel and backpacking across the countryside to create art.

Artist Statement – ‘Finding Art In Nature’
“I create photograph to express the wonder of nature. I believe the outdoor landscape is full of beauty that awaits our attention and appreciation. The Creator Himself has given us this precious land for us to relate, and enjoy. I create photograph not just for the sake of taking beautiful photos, but it is foremost an expression of my heart to capture the feeling of the wide spaces and the atmosphere.

Through this exhibition, I hope that these photographs may inspire you to see the beauty found in the nature world that surrounds us. And to live out the dreams and visions that is in your heart!”

Paul Chong

Paul Chong
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