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Monarch Butterflies [Danaus plexippus]

Monarchs of Winter

A photograph of Monarch butterflies and an invitation to read on our blog about the yearly butterfly migration through California.

Honey bee at an ornamental cherry blossom

Spring Snacking

honey bee snacking at a cherry blossom

Ornamental Cherry tree buds and blossom

First sign of spring 0 ornamental cherry buds and blossom

ornamental cherry buds and blossom

African Leopard & Elephant | African Wildlife | Namibia

African Wildlife & Nature Photography Hold Surprises On Safaris!

African wildlife & nature photography shows quite some surprises. Predator & elephant photograph, both together at and in a waterhole in africa’s nature.

The Osprey

The Osprey

An Osprey in flight after diving for fish and missing it’s prey