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Mobius Arch and Mount Whitney

Buy this picture Mobius Arch, in California’s Alabama Hills State Recreation Area forms a portal to view Lone Pine Peak and Mount Whitney. Since the 1920’s film makers have been using the Alabama Hills as a backdrop for their movies. In the early days of motion pictures films such as “Gunga Din”, “How the West […]

Bead Hanks at a Bead Show

Hanks of beads at a bead show

What a Handsome Bird

A Harris’s Hawk displaying an aggressive stance, defending his perch

Brace for Impact!

An adult Crested Caracara, coming in for a landing with wings spread, legs down, tail feathers flared

They’re so ugly they’re cute!

Observations of Red-tailed Hawks, nestlings and adults during breeding and nesting season in the mountains of southern Colorado.

Guard Tower and Barbed Wire

Buy this picture On the west side of US 395, six miles south of Independence, California, stands a solitary guard tower. Guard Tower #8 was once one of eight guard towers that encircled the 6200 acre Manzanar Relocation Center located at the base of Mount Tyndall. At the start of the Second World War President […]

Maximum Performance Landing

A Male Northern Pintail landing with feet down and wings forward