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Huge Waterbird!

A Brown Pelican in breeding colors in flight

Silent Roar Epupa Waterfalls Fine Art

Silent Roar, the Epupa waterfalls fine art image of Africa. Breathtaking falls in Namibia. The drifts in the road and long exposure photography in black trip

Long Canyon

Buy this picture Long Canyon is a seven mile long stretch of road lying within the northern-most part of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. The road is part of the Burr Trail Road which stretches between the the Utah towns of Boulder and Bullfrog and is the only part of the 67 mile road […]

Oryx Gemsbok African Wildlife Fine Art

Oryx Gemsbok African wildlife fine art image, Oryx standing in the vastness of Africa’s landscape, dry grassland of the Namibian desert with sand dunes

Whats In My Camera Bag To Africa

Whats in my camera bag to Africa? You must drag lots of gear along for nature photography. Friends and followers asking this question. My post, the answer