Whats In My Camera Bag To Africa

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Profile-pic-150x150Friends and many more people were asking, what is in your camera bag when you travel to Africa? You must drag lots of gear along for your nature, wildlife, landscape and travel photography. A new nature photography journey through Namibia is coming up. This gives me the opportunity to answer question.

Traveling along to safeguard my gear on my journeys from A to B to C…etc. is? Right, my new arrived Gura Gear Bataflae 32L. This bag will do the job very well for all photographer gear I need. Everything fits in this bag. I can strap the bag on a little trolley for easier traveling on planes and trains; it has enough pockets, dividers and raincoat. The rain coat I also use sometimes to protect the bag from dust as well. Gura Gear also offers lots of other related photography products, worth to check it out.

What goes inside my bag?

Start with cameras. I bring along a Canon MK IV, 1DX and a GoPro. The 1DX is rented from a friend. When renting a camera I save quite some bucks! Usually the newest camera is always around the corner and not cheap! So renting is a good option for me and I am sure for many out there too.

For Landscape Photography:

Wide-angle lens I bring along for the landscape images I have in mind already, which does not mean that I only use the wide-angle lens. No, I also use the 70-200mm, like for my arctic landscape image of an iceberg, or the 300mm f/2.8. It always depends what I want to accomplish. Most important are the filters for me for long exposure images. The Big Stopper, Little Stopper and several graduates from Lee filters. I like these filters very much for long exposure; they just give me what I am looking for. To help the timing for LE photographs the badly needed remote release with timer is a must. Some long exposure images have an exposure time of 4 min, if not longer. A steady tripod from Gitzo attached a Really Right Stuff head, BH - 40. Not to forget the game Solitaire to kill the time while waiting till the minutes have passed of the exposure and the other set of minutes while writing the image to the memory card!

For Wildlife Photography:

I do love bean-bags for the Safaris. No matter if I do a self-drive Safari or not. A bean-bag gives me more flexibility than a Gimbal head mounted on a barrier or bean-bag with a head holder system, tripod…etc. I can move from one side to the other in 2-5 seconds. Lenses I use for African Wildlife or any animals are usually all. Of course it always depends of what kind of image I am after. The newest Canon 200-400mm & 1.4x (I call it the “Fiat 500” lens, because of it’s price tag) is on my wish list.

Item List:

1 DX
300mm f/2.8 L IS
70-200mm L IS II
17-40mm L
24-70mm L
100mm Macro L IS
2x – 2x ext. III
1x – 1.4x ext. III
Memory cards - many (usually 16 - 36GB the fastest )
Big Stopper, Little Stopper, graduate filters hard / soft and adapter from Lee
Gitzo Tripod
Really Right Stuff head
Remote Timer
Hyperdrive UDMA2 to store my images
iPad to connect via Wifi with the Hyperdrive allows me to browse my images easy. Another wish-list, a Mac Book Pro 15’ 🙂
LaCie Rugged Mini 1TB external hard drive for a double backup. Hyperdrive makes it very easy to synchronize the backup files to an external hard drive.
GPS & map from Tracks4Africa, since I do self drive in a 4x4 jeep, camping equipped with roof tent.

The few little needed items on the side, but important too. The cleaning kit; lens cleaner, a big blower, lens cloths, lens brush. In Namibia I need to clean the glass of my lens quite often, it is very dusty in this country. The blower needs to show up for work early morning at sunrise and is only allowed to go to bed when I go to bed! Every evening all lenses will be cleaned to be ready for next day. Of course I carry as well spare batteries along, camera battery charger, Swiss Army knife, USB cables, duck tape, all what is needed and much more. If you consider to buy any product of Gura Gear through the link above, I will get a little bonus to keep my website running. Thanks a lot.

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