Landscape Photography – Valley of Thunder


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African Landscape photography in the vastness of this big continent. Often thick untamed African bush which opens up in a big Savannah or in a dry arid desert. Namibia’s landscape, countless scenes open up for landscape photography. Mountains of all kinds, sand dunes in red or yellow color, dry river beds surrounded by mountains and when lucky you stumble over an African elephant herd living in the desert. In the south you will find the second largest “deep hole” in the ground on earth, the Fish River Canyon. A little Eldorado for landscape photography and photographers of all kinds. Along the Skeleton coast the shipwrecks are well worth to visit. This time I ended up not in the deep hole in the south, nop, I went all the way to the northern border to the Epupa falls. I had landscape photography in my mind, motion blur of the water and clouds, Lee filters nestled nicely in the camera bag for Africa. Big Stopper and Little Stopper did the job for this long exposure landscape photography trip very well.

Already a few km’s before the Epupa falls, Baobab tress grew all over the landscape. You drive through a little valley on both sides growing Baobab trees small and big, fascinating area and for sure as well a great spot for Baobab trees or landscape photography. Sadly there was not to much time to stop nor the right time to take landscape photographs of this great looking area. Well, next time I will built in a stop on my trip just for this great Baobab tree landscape opportunity. If you want to get more info on Namibia’s landscape check out this blog from Namibia Tourism, I highly can recommend it to find spots and more places in Namibia for wildlife and landscape photography.

2 days at Epupa falls. One scouting day to find good spots, mark them with leaving rock piles, to find the goodies spots in the dark early morning. Stumbling out of our campsite, yawn, at a round 5:15am, climbing up the hills to get to my left overs, the rock piles. From one pile to the other always taking a few long exposure photos. It takes time to get the composition done in the camera. Shall I use the wide angle lens or 70-200mm? Tja, well hey yep yeah and what do I use, of course my fav lens for landscape photography, the 70-200mm. All set, yes, now the fiddling with the filter thingies, ring was in place on lens already! Oh man, filter holder in front of lens, filter grabbing, watch out, don’t touch the glass, don’t you dare to drop it, sliding the Big Stopper into the holder, yeah all set. Nop, not quite! WHAT!! The dust, oh Namibia, you and your dust. Cleaning fast the stopper with the blower. Remote release set to what, 4min, are you nuts? Hmmm, not quite, I want sooooft water, even that the thunder of the water was so loud. Soft it has to be. For the Valley of Thunder long exposure photograph I had set the remote to 134 seconds exposure with f/22 at ISO50.
Anette Mossbacher
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