African Elephant Giant Teeth


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African Elephant giant teeth, the tusks, the ivory! A forgotten image on my hard drive found again. I actually did not forget it at all. It was in colour and it just did not suit to this majestic animal. This African elephant photo of a bulls tusk in colour needed some treatment to bring out the tusks much more. There was something missing for these giant teeth of this great African elephant. A little while back a client was asking for African elephant tusks images. I went through my image library on my hard drive to find what the client was searching for. On my way through I stumbled over this image in colour as well. I took right into Photoshop and looked for the missing something, the little extra. I turned this image into an elephant black and white photo and it came out very nice. The black and white version I really do love.

The story behind the elephant photograph. On a Safari I came across a big African Elephant herd in Kruger National Park in South Africa. Kruger Park has many elephants. The Elephant herd came right towards me through the African bush. It was wonderful to watch the herd walking slowly and peaceful through the bush eating. The little calves running around playing with the other youngsters or drinking from big mama, while she was eating some branches from a tree. While taking elephants pictures slowly some tourists arrived and joined in to watch the elephants. This is quite usual in a National Park. Sometimes after a little while more cars come. When tourists see nothing they ask me what I see. I remember ones, watching Bee Eaters having their fun in a tree. A car stopped, the driver asked me what I see. My reply: Bee Eaters. His reply was: “What, you stop for birds. We are looking for the African Big Five!” Alright I said, these are some of Africa’s small animals and wished them good luck to find the Big Five! It is really interesting what tourists most want to find: The African Big Five! What about all other African Wildlife?
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