Carolyn L Fox

What Photography Means to Me

20110702_1424-rev1-copyAfter getting an MBA and working in the corporate world for nearly 20 years, I decided to leave the rat race to pursue a career doing something that I love – photography. Photography gives me an opportunity to get out in nature and enjoy the serenity that it offers. I can hear the wind blowing through the trees, the rustling of little animals on the ground and tune out the busy world.

Nature and wildlife are my favorite subjects but, as you’ll see here, I photograph other subjects as well. I enjoy taking pictures of old buildings, etc. and then enhancing them in PhotoShop to get the effect I want. My photography gives me the opportunity to show life as I see it, to portray subjects in a way that they might influence the actions of others. Perhaps my nature photography will inspire some people to respect and preserve our wildlife and our natural places, so they’ll be here for future generations. I hope that, in some small way, my photography will have a positive impact on someone’s life. That’s what photography means to me.

That’s what photography means to me.