Photography by Birdie Breeze

Birdie Breeze began her career as a child model and musician. As a teen, she moved into film projection, concert and television production. Her mother was an award-winning photographer for her B&W abstracts while music ran on her father’s side of the family. Later, Birdie worked for the heads of movie studios and also at motion picture film labs, where she focused on color timing and film processing techniques. Her early career in TV helped her adapt to digital photography, quickly.

While out-of-work on an injury, she took up photography. Birdie is self-taught, but her other careers have seriously contributed to her ‘eye’, as has her natural musical ear. She likes to say that her eye follows her ears.

The underground art and music worlds of Los Angeles - featuring Lucent Dossier Experience, The Hotel Café, and The Do LaB became her extended family and they provided artists and events that allowed her to grow into a professional fine art and performance photographer.