Magical African Sunset With 3 Zebras Surrounded By A Cloud Of Dust – Fine Art Wildlife Photography Print

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Magical African sunset colors with 3 Zebras surrounded by a cloud of dust in the Savannah. In this fine art wildlife photograph, you see three zebras in a dust cloud surrounded by the amazing colors of the African sunset. The three zebras stand with their heads perched up and ears open, on the lookout for any danger. Two zebras stand in the foreground to the right. In the same direction looks a solitary zebra, behind the two animals. Behind the pair of zebras are glowing the vibrant colors of the sunset, orange and red, in the cloud of dust. Undoubtedly that creates a warm atmosphere. The dynamic and magical colors are getting brighter further in the distance. Indeed together with the uneven ground, it almost looks like waves of an ocean. The misty cloud of dust adds to the warm feeling of this fine art photography. Yet still extremely beautiful in the superb brilliant colors of the African sunset.

Anette Mossbacher
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