Two Giraffes Create An Archway For A Zebra Foal – Fine Art Wildlife Photography

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That fine art wildlife photograph shows a beautiful archway two giraffes create for a zebra foal. Both giraffes nearly touch each other’s heads while the young zebra stands peacefully a little further in the middle of the archway. The vibrant pinkish colors of the sunset reflect on the animals, as well as in the storm clouds in the sky.

How did this wildlife photograph come together? To the left-hand-side, not in this photo, are about eight giraffes drinking at a waterhole. At the same time, a zebra herd comes out of the bush on the right-hand side. The two animal species crossed each other. While the young zebra foal was waiting for its mother to catch up, the right giraffe turned around, waiting for its mate. From the left comes the adult giraffe walking into the photograph. That giraffe walks towards the other giraffe. Both animals are creating an archway. That scenario that two giraffes create an archway for the zebra foal happened twice. After a little while, all giraffes went into the bush to feed, while the zebra herd went on to the waterhole to drink.

Anette Mossbacher
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