Why are Polar Bears endangered?

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When you think of animals living in the Arctic, the endangered polar bears are probably one of the first species which come into your mind. But, are the Polar bears endangered? No, they are listed in the red list of the IUCN still as vulnerable. With the appearance of pristine white fur that blends in with the snow, these beautiful bears pervade movies and folklore, though most of us have never seen them in the wild. At the top of their food chain, polar bears are incredibly important to the Arctic ecosystem. Unfortunately, their populations are dwindling, enough so that they are now considered an endangered species. It is estimated that only about 22,000 – 31,000 bears are still in existence. New research suggests that this number could decline by 30% by the year 2050. Read more: https://anettemossbacher.com/why-are-polar-bears-endangered/

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