About this website

To promote the skilled professional.

Today photography is overwhelmed with pictures made by amateurs who do not have the skills to produce the same quality as a professional.

Many people have the attitude that “this photograph is good enough” not knowing that a high quality, not always more expensive, picture is more effective in the long term.

This website’s goal is to provide a selection of photographers who can deliver the highest quality, a free one-way back link to their site and an affordable, but very effective, marketing tool.

Each selected photographer can submit multiple articles about their work and themselves with links to their main site. So a high related one-way back link is created. The more links a site has, the higher page rank it will have in search engines like Google and Bing.

To submit articles  about yourself as a photographer you have to realize that this website invites artists only after looking at their work on their website in order to verify the quality they can deliver. I search everyday for photographers on the internet, so when you want to be noticed you are free to send me a message with a link to your site. Please note, I cannot guaranty an immediate reply but expect an answer within 14 days.

S.E.O. tools and plans conform to Google Panda and Penguin.

At Photoshelter, I learned about the existence of S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimatization) and, as many among us, it mainly consisted of trial and error.

I regularly read the comments on the forum and see that a lot, I think almost all photographers have the same problem. They have a website to let the world know that they are professionals, but they get frustrated that nobody sees it. They simply do not have the time to dedicate to S.E.O. because they are either outside or inside their studio busy photographing. They are not computer experts. S.E.O. is not difficult, but time-consuming or when you outsource it it is too expensive for an artist. At this site, I will explain techniques which you can do yourself and offer affordable plans of high-quality  S.E.O. for the selected photographer.

I have now been studying the complexity of S.E.O. for almost three years and found some techniques that you do yourself easily and others that you cannot do at an affordable way, both in time and money, so I will propose plans to do this as a group. (For example, a contract with a high-quality  S.E.O. company starts at $15.000, too expensive for 1 but when you do it with 100 members, it is only $150 each)

Google Panda & Penguin

When you know something about S.E.O., you know that this new algorithm that Google uses is very effective to get rid of link farms and other techniques to cheat on search engines. Who believed in companies offering 1.000 back links for $15 they have seen a drop in visitors.

Google Panda is for me as a serious and honest photographer a fantastic opportunity because a high-quality article gets more impact.

A note about myself.

My full name is Jan Keteleer, and my friends call me JanKé. After years of working in commercial photography, I directed my interests to black & white photography and just as most professional artists, I promote my work through expositions in art galleries, traditional press articles and through the internet.

My website, where you can find my portfolio, is http://www. janke.be which is a website powered by Photoshelter. (http://janke.photoshelter.com/)

Photoshelter made it possible for me to sell my pictures worldwide as downloads and as prints. It is a wonderful system that I recommend to every serious photographer.

Jan Keteleer

Wuustwezel, August 30 2011

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