Interactions between People, Animals and Cultures

A career of astonishing simplicity Ron Levy’s editorial and commercial images have been published worldwide for 30 years, 3 days and 4 hours. They’ve also been exhibited in museums and galleries on 4 continents, 3 planets and 1 asteroid. He is an expert location photographer who shoots for major magazines and Fortune 500 clients, and […]

Keep it simple and stupid! (KISS).

To best promote your photography, you need to work both offline and online. Some things you just have to do yourself; some you can do yourself. However, it takes a lot of time, and there are things that should be best left to professionals. This website aims to do those things for you that you […]

Picturing the Americas

I felt totally in love with America. My name is Inge Zuelich. I grew up in Midwestern Germany. I’ve always been an adventurous person. My first time travelling without my parents was a backpackers trip through Central America. Three month in countries so different from everything that I knew and everything that my world had […]

Thoughts on Architecture

Ornate architecture of the Tower Life Building in San Antonio, Texas

Interview with travel and documentary photographer Jeremy Horner

interview with british bangkok based travel photographer Jeremy Horner

See my Stats

Photographers’ is now more than a year online and has +290 members and 50.000 visitors per month. These visitors are visiting mostly the recent posts of our members and I think it is a good idea for you as a basic plan user to post more frequently your work so it will be seen. […]

100% money back guarantee.

The Advanced plan, buying SEO as a group, has become a real tool with which to enhance the number and quality of visitors to our individual websites. From the beginning, I said that the system, like any good and honest SEO system, works slow, and it can take up to four months to yield any […]

Impressive results from Photographers’selection

A subscriber’s testimony to the success of Photographer’s Selection

RAW file reluctance.

RAW files and a reluctance to use.

Password change on May 1

Dear member, Our promotional website for professional photography is getting more and more visitors every day. This month we have already had more than 30,000 unique visitors from around the world. The first users of the advanced plan have given me their first results, and they are astonishing. This, of course, is great news. However, […]

You are absolutely right!

Most, if not all, Virtual Agencies on Photoshelter fail. So why I am introducing also a Virtual Agency? Let me explain what my plan is. First what is the mistake all other VA does. They think and pretend to be an agency and want to compete, give an alternative to the usual agencies like Getty, […]

My Goodness

I am impressed!  I checked my analytics and saw the following On 27-3-2012 15:40, Trudie D. Bell Wrote: “I have had a website through Photoshelter for several years. I took the time to figure out how to do all the things that Photoshelter recommended to increase web visibility, including signing up for Google Analytics. I […]

Introducing Photographers’Selection Virtual Agency

Dear member, The website Photographers’ was launched on September 15 2011 from scratch with no visitors at all and with only a few members. It was started as an idea to promote a selected group of professionals on a blog oriented website on which they can all submit their profiles and articles about their […]

Updating website

Dear visitor, member I am upgrading the website  to a higher security and performance level. Please have some patient.   Jan girl metal prints for sale

Cookie Universe

I’ve always enjoyed shooting food in the studio and was excited when Moo Ventures hired me to shoot an image to promote their line of cookies. The art director gave me one sentence and told me to run with. “best cookies in the universe. So, after selecting an image my tax dollars paid for of […]

F8 and Be There

The story behind the photo. Years ago, as a brand new photojournalist who had graduated from the University of Texas, I was lucky and blessed to land a job at the Dallas Times Herald. At the time, DTH was considered one of the top major newspapers in the nation. DTH was in the midst of […]

Canon CPN-news about SEO

Canon CPN-news From an article I just read on Canons “CPN – news”and tought it might be of interest The link below will send you to the full article and not to my website but here a excerpt: “The first thing I did was build up my website and made sure it had a very […]

Photoshoppers, photographers, philosophy & psychology

Photoshoppers, photographers, philosophy & psychology On the 11th of February 2012 “The daily Petapixel” quoted from an article by Ben Long on CreativePro where he states that “all photos are manipulated” (see complete petapixel article below). “Photography author Ben Long has a thought-provoking article over at CreativePro in which he argues that “all photos are […]


Shooting Wildflowers Soon wildflower season will be here and thanks to the wet fall the wildflowers in Central Texas are expected to really really nice! I’m looking forward to getting out and trying some new techniques that have been rolling around in my noodle. The one thing about wildflowers is everybody loves to shoot them…the […]

The tale of the “Africa virus” …

It is almost like a secret code, understood only by people who have been on this magical continent with its incredible nature and strong energy. The continent is called Africa and the secret thing they are talking about is called the “Africa virus”. When people came home from their trip they noticed that they felt […]


Real Pro Shooters For years and in college I was taught the definition of a “pro photographer” was when one starts to get paid for shooting photos. Perhaps in some ways this could be considered true. However, when a photographer claims to be a “Pro”, that photographer is communicating that he can be trusted to […]

Photographer on assignment Chris Christidis

Portraiture Chris Christidis is a professional photographer since 1996 originally from Athens, Greece. He has worked with performers, designers, architects, heavy industry, contractors, importers and print media. After closing down his own studio in Athens for a new leap in working environment, his passion for portraits leads him in the field of casting portraiture and […]

Marc Pauzé, Storyteller of humanity

Suitcases full of stories Finding herself pregnant at 17 after many rapes from a man in her community, Rosalyn Mathias, an Algonquin from Long Point First Nation, Canada, was so afraid of talking to her parents. A few weeks later, she moved away from the family camp, got a miscarriage, alone in the forest… Wiping […]

Automate your Social Media Marketing Efforts

So you’ve got all of your social media networking accounts set up, now what? Once the social media account creation tasks are complete, the next stage involves growth, building and interaction. To give you some assistance in determining what tools and strategies you could be implementing to build your customer base, your social media growth […]