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Study of Julie dancing


Walk alone

Owl hunting

Amy and Buddy Building a snowman

Waterlilies and cherry trees

Row boats


Educating astronomy

Partners in crime

Mushrooms and river

Study of Joke


Dave Welling

Wildlife and nature photographer Hello. My name is Dave Welling Since childhood, I have been fascinated by wildlife and the natural world and began using a camera to capture those unique moments when wild animals do something spectacular or the light on a landscape takes your breath away. With that background I became a professional […]

Adding sound with still images..

I’ve always been drawn to the storytelling side of still imagery. Two months ago I began a new and added direction for my still photography. The addition of sound. For some time I’ve been pondering the changing media landscape for photographers, many are adding video to their offerings. I think video has a proper place […]

Interactions between People, Animals and Cultures

A career of astonishing simplicity Ron Levy’s editorial and commercial images have been published worldwide for 30 years, 3 days and 4 hours. They’ve also been exhibited in museums and galleries on 4 continents, 3 planets and 1 asteroid. He is an expert location photographer who shoots for major magazines and Fortune 500 clients, and […]

Keep it simple and stupid! (KISS).

To best promote your photography, you need to work both offline and online. Some things you just have to do yourself; some you can do yourself. However, it takes a lot of time, and there are things that should be best left to professionals. This website aims to do those things for you that you […]

Picturing the Americas

I felt totally in love with America. My name is Inge Zuelich. I grew up in Midwestern Germany. I’ve always been an adventurous person. My first time travelling without my parents was a backpackers trip through Central America. Three month in countries so different from everything that I knew and everything that my world had […]

Thoughts on Architecture

Ornate architecture of the Tower Life Building in San Antonio, Texas

Interview with travel and documentary photographer Jeremy Horner

interview with british bangkok based travel photographer Jeremy Horner

See my Stats

Photographers’ is now more than a year online and has +290 members and 50.000 visitors per month. These visitors are visiting mostly the recent posts of our members and I think it is a good idea for you as a basic plan user to post more frequently your work so it will be seen. […]

100% money back guarantee.

The Advanced plan, buying SEO as a group, has become a real tool with which to enhance the number and quality of visitors to our individual websites. From the beginning, I said that the system, like any good and honest SEO system, works slow, and it can take up to four months to yield any […]

Impressive results from Photographers’selection

A subscriber’s testimony to the success of Photographer’s Selection