Shadows String of Ordi Calder, is selected for another International Exhibition

Gollll!! The Photography “String Shadows” is Selected for the first exhibition of 2013! All Photography at the Art Gallery “Light Space & Time”. Underlies !!

Limited Edition Photography

Ordi Calder is a self-taught fine art photographer for 11 years, Historian and Graphic Design Specialist. Ordic have One Work “Selected Awards FIAP – Internatio

Underlies “What in the world is smaller (microcosm) reflects what is in the larger world or universe (macrocosm)”

Grid Shadows – Any geometric shape embodies metaphysical aspects that pre-exist the structures of the physical environment, and have deep psychological and symb

Selected Award – FIAP 14º CHINA International Art Exhibition

Accepted Award – FIAP 14º China International Art Exihbition – 2011. contest (Ordi Calder was the only Brazilian photographer selected for the exhibition). Phot

The Origin Of Kosmos Selected to “Open Art Exhibition” Light Space & Time Gallery

Special Recognition Award, Open Art Exhibition at Light Space & Time Online Gallery. Este é o Décimo trablho fotográfico de ordi calder premiado internacional

Color abstractions

Buy this picture Color abstraction images taken at night Sergio Nogueira Website – Blog – Galleries – Portfolio Contact

Photographic Interpretation of Crazy River

I’ve always had a visual come to mind whenever I hear Robbie Robertson’s ‘Crazy River’. This is how I interpreted the mood and the setting using Photoshop.

Meditation at Atlantic Forest

Meditation at Atlantic Forest – Lighting Design in shadow on the texture of a green stone and old leaves old, sunlit, form design that resembles a person to med

Ordi Calder Conceptual and Fine Art Photographer

Ordilei Caldeira, self-taught fine art photographer for 11 years (2001) Conceptual and Fine Art photographer have Two Works Selected Award FIAP. Collect this Ar

Ordi Calder Conceptual and Fine Art Photographer

Ordilei Caldeira, self-taught fine art photographer for 11 years (2001) Conceptual and Fine Art photographer have Two Works Selected Award FIAP. Collect this Ar

Origin of Color Lights Kosmos

An explosion of lights, colors … few seconds later and the cosmos would be almost to size it is today (sic).

House Abandoned – Lens of the Past

This Old House built on Beacon Island and abandoned almost intact, more than 50 years of time melts its architecture and brand your nails in the walls of the ho

A Photograph Is Not Taken

Editing a photograph.


Abstract conceptual photographs, the magic of compositions unique Ordi Calder, lights and textures reflexes and architectural details, highlight the everyday.

Lights Colors Reflex Horse Silhouette

Cityscape Graphic Colors reflected in Lake Araruama. In the foreground we can see the silhouette of a horse cut in the side reflexes colored lights

Meet Ordi Calder Fine Art Conceptual Photographer

Graphics and light and shadows shadows to form geometric shapes spirals. Conceptual Photography of Ordi Calder, two works selected award FIAP 2011.

Work selected for exihbition ABSTRACTS 2012: the alternative eye, at 1650 Los Angeles gallery

The spellings of light in shadow establish a game that seduces the eye of the beholder. 2 photos in this series received “Selected Award – FIAP” “Xadrez” 5º Zaj

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Ordi Calder is a Fine Art Photographer with Two Selected Conceptual FIAP Award (2011); his goal to take his work to reach the International Art Market

Abstract: The Alternative Eye of Ordi Calder

Abstract and conceptual photograph of Ordi Calder, Selected Award Photographer, from Brazil. Influenced by poetic and esotericism, he photograph since 2001

Ordi Calder Conceptual Photograph

Ordi Calder, Ordilei Caldeira, Brazilian Conceptual Photographer influenced by Surrealism, Esotericism and Poetry. Two works “Selected Award FIAP” in 2011…

Ordi Calder Conceptual Photograph

Fine Art Photography Conceptual available in Limited Editions and fine art prints. Elements, water, wood aging, light, stones. Weather and water pass.

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