When bad weather is good

Blog post excerpt about photography considerations and techniques when bad weather becomes good weather.

Balsam pear

Balsam pear, Momordica balsamina, fruit and seeds

Green and Pink Petunias

pink and green petunias with the stamen and pistils clearly visible.

Unexpected Addition

pelican brings a trash clean up crew to a halt.

Sediment Trap

Sediment trap on in a dirt road on a hill.

Water Level Control

box culvert with a weir showing difference in water levels.

Keith Brame

Keith Brame I have been shooting some pictures for the John Muir Trust, a wild land environmental charity that owns some of the most dramatic, atmospheric and wild terrain in Scotland, including Ben Nevis, the Isle of Skye and iconic locations in the far north west and the Hebrides. I get to most of these […]

More Than One Way

Excavator pulling a trench box out of a trench on a pipeline project.

Pumping Out a Road Bore

Pumping water out of a pipeline trench.