This is what climate change looks like.

Wildfires burning the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness and range above the small town of Coaldale Colorado.

Honey bee eating a pear

Bees and Wasps Dining on Pears

wasps and bees eating pears

Ornamental Cherry tree buds and blossom

First sign of spring 0 ornamental cherry buds and blossom

ornamental cherry buds and blossom

Bracken Fern, Pteridium spp.

Bracken Fern, Pteridium spp.

Bracken Fern

Lavender Morning Glory, Ipomoea turbinata

Lavender Morning Glory, Ipomoea turbinata

Lavender Morning Glory, Ipomoea turbinata

Wudang Shan. China. Kung Fu actors walking up the staircase of an ancient temple.

Edoardo Lucci

Edoardo Lucci photographer


Sunlight on Ferns

Buy this picture Sunlight shines on a clump of ferns along the Oregon Redwoods Trail in the Siskiyou National Forest near Brookings, Oregon. Rick Pisio Website – Blog – Galleries – Portfolio http://www.rwphotos.com http://www.rwphotos.com/blog/?p=1919 http://rwphotos.photoshelter.com/gallery-list Contact photog@rwphotos.com


A constellation of starfish

Buy this picture A constellation of starfish clinging to a rock are exposed at low tide on Rainbow Rock Beach in Brookings, Oregon Rick Pisio Website – Blog – Galleries – Portfolio http://www.rwphotos.com http://www.rwphotos.com/blog/?p=1899 http://rwphotos.photoshelter.com/gallery-list Contact photog@rwphotos.com

Duckett Fire

Wildfires in the West

Short article and photographs about the wildfires burning in Colorado and western United States during a multi-year drought.


Intertidal Barnacles

intertidal barnacles on a pier

White Island Volcano New Zealand

Ute Sonnenberg

My strength is environmental and travel photography with the speciality of African wildlife photography.

Japanese Magnolia Blossoms

Japanese Magnolia, Magnolia liliiflora

Japanese Magnolia blossoms, Magnolia liliiflora

'Tahquamenon Sunrise' ~ Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Neil Weaver Photography

Great Lakes Landscape Photographer Neil Weaver


Drone-Pictures.fr: Aerial views services in Provence

Drone-Pictures.fr: aerial shooting services in Provence, by professional photographer/cameraman, Sami Sarkis. Flight are operated with UAV, plane, helicopter.

Bromiliads in Bloom

Bromiliad Blossoms

bromilliad blossom


Organic field with poppies

Panoramic photograph of an organic barley field with blossoming poppies.

Blockhouse with small wind turbine on the roof

Small scale wind turbine

Photograph of a blockhouse with a small wind turbine.

Deer Lichen, Cladonia sp., Fruiting Bodies

Deer Lichen Reproducing

Deer lichen, Cladonia sp, fruiting

Gopher apple, Licania michauxii

Gopher apple (Licania michauxii)

Gopher apple (Licania michauxii) fruit

Red Mangrove Propagules, Rhizophora mangle

Red Mangrove Propagules

Red mangrove, Rhizaphora mangle, propagules hanging from the tree.


Frankie Malone

Frankie Malone I have become a member to promote myself because I believe in my work and I believe in photography and the power of the single image. I think that the more creativity and art there is in the world the more understanding and open mindedness there will be. Contact Barcelona 08024 Spain Website […]


Ruth Burke Art

Ruth Burke To be a part of a group of photographers that are creating and selling images on a professional level. Contact 204 Kirby Seabrook 77586 United States Website – Blog – Galleries http://www.RuthBurkeArt.com http://ruthburke.photoshelter.com/gallery-list Email seasideart@comcast.net Specialities Environment Landscape Nature


Jiri Rezac Photography

Jiri Rezac Based in London, UK, I am a professional photographer and frequently travel worldwide on assignment for editorial, expedition and corporate projects for magazine clients and campaigning organisations. It is important to me to share the visual record with viewers and potential users of my work. Website – Blog – Galleries http://www.jirirezac.com http://archive.jirirezac.com Email […]

The Angle

Allan Wood Photography

Allan Wood As a result of my website being hosted by Photoshelter, I was contacted by Jan Keteleer who invited me to apply, complimenting me by writing that my images are professional in terms of originality and quality. I work hard to approach the ideas of fine quality, originality, great composition, and careful presentation as […]