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Softwood seedlings

Intensivelight Photography and Film – Photographs, videos and documentaries from Sweden and Scandinavia

Creative nature photography, taken in northern Sweden. Beautiful landscapes, animals in their natural environment and real life as it is, not staged.


Short film about animals struggling to survive winter

Short film and video clip collection featuring animals struggling for survival in winter in Sweden. Wildlife encounters in deep snow.

sandy 2

Green Jay Reflection

A brightly colored Green Jay, drinking from a pool with water droplets mid air, reflection of bird is visible

Gambel's Quail running


Image of a Male Gambel’s Quail running along ground

Walrus - Svalbard - Arctic Region

Top 2013 Nature Images including Wildlife Photography

2013, an awe inspiring year for capturing images in places I’d always imagined. A stunning collection of unique landscape, nature and wildlife photographs

Coffee Shop Art for Sale Artist Prints Cafe in Soler aka The Dalmation People Aldona Kmiec Photography Australia

Aldona Kmiec Art Photography

Fine Art Portrait Headshot & Commercial Photographer Aldona Kmiec has 7yrs professional photography experience capturing timeless creative images in Australia

Bighorn Sheep {Ovis canadensis}

Bighorns in the Canyon

Blog article about photographing the bighorn sheep rut and mating season in Bighorn Sheep Canyon along the Arkansas River in Colorado

Portrait of a Wolf looking through leaves

Portrait of a Wolf looking through leaves

Portrait of a Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) hidden behind a bush.


Lake Superior Gemstone

Lake Superior Ice


Ordi Calder Statement

Ordi Calder, Ordilei Caldeira, One work Accepted Award FIAP, thirteen works selected at international Contests in the ast 2 years. Artists Photographer Fine Art

Rocky Mt. Bighorn Sheep [Ovis canadensis]

Getting into Ruts

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep rams photographed during the breeding season rut along the Arkansas River in Colorado


Boats in silhouette at Cane Garden Bay, British Virgin Islands.

Image for sale or licensing of a beautiful tropical scene. Silhouetted boats on the water and sun rays shining through the clouds. Golden sky at Cane Garden Bay

Mountain Lion [Felis concolor]

Lions in Winter

Mountain Lion cubs found and photographed at their hiding place while mother is hunting in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains near photographer’s home in Colorado

Specialist In Architecture and Interior Photography

Shanghai Photographer, China

Shanghai photographer, specialist in panorama landscape, architectural and interior photography.


Skimmer Male Being Naughty

lion mating on duba plains in okavango delta in botswana


Reflections As Collages

Creative window reflections for photography and fine art imaging.


Dirk Weaver Photography

Dirk Weaver Dirk Weaver is a professional sports photographer based in Charlotte, NC. His athletic career and knowledge of sports and athletes enables him to capture athletes at the peek of there performance offering a unique perspective that only a trained professional and top notch competitor can get. Action is his forte and clients trust […]

Great Egret feeding with Woodstorks

Woodstorks and Great Egrets

woodstorks and great egrets feeding together


Presidential Election 2012: Immigrates Vote

President Obama claims a second term

Northern Gannet flying low over water

Northern Gannet

A Northern Gannet flying low over the North Atlantic Ocean from Machias Seal Island


China Landscape Fine Print

Breathtaking outdoor scenery of morning sunlight piercing through the deep forest of the land of Xinjiang Province. Landscape fine art photography by Paul Chong


Learning Patience

Challenges of landscape photography


Beautiful local fruits on a vibrant window ledge in the Caribbean

Image for sale or licensing of a rich and vibrantly colored window with local pineapples and cucumbers on the ledge. Tropical island feel, color and personality

Morning Lakeside Sunrise

Beautiful China Nature Photography- Morning Sunrise

Buy this picture Lugu Lake is located about 240km away from Lijiang and situated in the Sichuan-Yunnan provincial border at the altitude of 2600m. Majority of the local tribe consisted of Mosuo tribe or the Naxi tribe. The landscape provides a breathtaking view especially for tourist while the lake resembled a beautiful pearl shinning among […]