Whistling Death

The first Vought F4U Corsair was delivered to the U.S. Navy in 1940 but due to landing performance issues it became a land based fighter bomber for the U.S. Mar

Intensivelight Photography and Film – Photographs, videos and documentaries from Sweden and Scandinavia

Creative nature photography, taken in northern Sweden. Beautiful landscapes, animals in their natural environment and real life as it is, not staged.

Short film about animals struggling to survive winter

Short film and video clip collection featuring animals struggling for survival in winter in Sweden. Wildlife encounters in deep snow.

Green Jay Reflection

A brightly colored Green Jay, drinking from a pool with water droplets mid air, reflection of bird is visible


Image of a Male Gambel’s Quail running along ground

Top 2013 Nature Images including Wildlife Photography

2013, an awe inspiring year for capturing images in places I’d always imagined. A stunning collection of unique landscape, nature and wildlife photographs

Jack Kurtz: Documentary Photojournalist

Phoenix, Arizona, based documentary photojournalist and travel photographer with images from the United States, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Nowitz Photography

Richard Nowitz As a National Geographic Photographer, I have been privileged to experience and photograph many wonderful people and places. As a documenters of the world around me I need an audience to share our vision with. I hope my images will entertain the eye, speak to the heart, and enrich the imagination of the […]

Brian Smith

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A Passion for Light

Capturing new emotions The fascination of lights and how it changes moods or captures it has been one that has held out long in my attention radar for as long as I can remember. Understanding light is one thing – Modifying it is another thing but I reckon the greatest tool is knowing how best […]

Spring is in the Air

Shooting wildflowers Every year I look forward to watching others get drunk. It is so funny to watch these drunks try to fly. Also the smell they give off is enough send all that are close to them into another world. Many of you must think I’m talking about good ole Billy Bob. Nope, I’m […]

Isaac Ferrera

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James DeSalvo Photography, LLC

Sisters Dream Together In my lifetime I have been asked more than once, “How would you want to be remembered when you meet your maker?” With all considered, the obvious legacy would be that of a standup dad, friend, husband and American. But here and now, in this room of my creative colleagues, peers and […]

Brighton Dog Photography

My name is Rhian White and I specialise in outdoor dog photography. I am based on the south coast of England in a lovely city called Brighton. My target audience is private clients who want photos of their dogs and also organisations such as magazines and newspapers who want stock dog photography. My stock site […]